perfect {Southern} green beans

green beans

These are the most perfect Southern style green beans you have ever had!

And when you see how easy they are to prepare you will want to make them every night!

So I started with a big bag of “half runners” the Southerners favorite style bean.


snap the ends

break into pieces

set aside

get out a large pot and  cut the fat off the ends of a couple of pieces of bacon  (apx 4 1/2 inch pieces)

toss in pan with a tablespoon of olive oil

turn heat to high

chop up a Vidalia (sweet) onion and toss in

allow the bacon fat to render out apx 3 to 5 mins

toss in beans

the pan should be very hot

stir beans around so that they get all incorporated in with the oil add salt, pepper & garlic powder

cook for apx 7 mins

cover with lid and turn the heat off

leave coverd for 1 hour

when you are ready to serve you may want to re-heat

These beans are so tasty theyare not cooked to death but still have that Southern taste while holding shape and tasting great!!

Everyone will LOVE!!

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