Carrot Apple Zinger Juice

carrot apple

Today’s CARROT APPLE Zinger Juice {Liquid Goodness}  and it was delish!

Funny thing is, it was an accident. I always use some ruffage and I ran out!

I do typically always use a huge amount of greens. My new fav is Super Greens that come in a HUGE bag.

It contains spinach. kale, beet greens, all sorts of yummy goodness.

What are you favorite ingredients for JUICING?

I really have become obsessed with juicing and all the benefis that come along with it.

My EYES the blue &  the whites of them, Sparkle. Skin looks fab.

I stay full and feel full all morning.

Carrot/Apple Zinger Juice

2 green apples

4 carrots

sliver of ginger

1/2  lemon

Run everything through your juicer and boom, there is the liquid goodness.

Juicing is fantastic and I will be sharing lots of yummy recipes to keep you coming back for more!

Here is the recipe for my go to GREEN JUICE 

Do YOU? What’s your favorite combo?

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