What’s that smell?! Roses

  As a beauty industry veteran and self proclaimed beauty product hoarder, I gotta tell ya that I still love to try new products, I have my tried & true favorites (will do a post on that soon).

 Yesterday  I ran to the supply store to get a boars hair brush for a friend (simply the best brushes ever! Will change your hair!) Anyhoo, while shopping I asked what’s new, what are you currently loving? “Do you like the smell of Roses?” she asked. Why yes, yes I do! 

Y’all I am in heaven. The smell is perfection. Just enough to remind me of sitting and playing at my Mema’s house when I was s little girl.  

Matrix has really stepped up their game. This oil, yes oil shampoo leaves your hair feeling super luxurious without any weight what so ever! I’m amazed!! 

I’m sure your hairdresser can hook you up or you can find it at Amazon, ulta, etc. 



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