Asian Braised Beef

Asian Braised Beef

Ohh, this yummy Pinterest inspired dish caught my eye and I was excited to try something new! As always I was inspired by this recipe but changed it up to fit my family and what I had on hand. Here’s what I did.


2lb cubed sirloin roast

2T flour

1t salt

1/2t pepper

3T veg oil

3 cloves minced garlic

1t fresh grated ginger

2in piece Lemongrass chopped fine

1 cup chicken broth

1/2 c low sodium soy sauce

1/4 c hoisin sauce

1/2 c rice wine vinegar

1/4 c brown sugar

1/2 t red pepper flakes

2t sriracha

3 green onions

What I did:

Add vegetable oil to dutch oven or instant pot on sauté setting. Add flour, s&p to a small bowl, toss cubes Beef in flour mixture. Sear Beef in veg oil to brown and crusty. This is an imp’t step and you shouldn’t skip! Flavor people, flavor!! Brown in small batches and set aside.

After that’s all nice add garlic, ginger, & lemongrass to pan sauté just until fragrant and add chicken broth. Scrape all the crusty stuff off the bottom of your pan. Again, flavor.

If you are doing this in your instant pot or crock pot/ slow cooker add the meat back to pot w broth & spices.

Mix soy sauce thru sriracha and pour over top then sprinkle with green onions.

If using slow cooker set to low for 6-8 hrs or high for 4. Or set the Instant Pot for 60mins allow pressure to release naturally and serve over Jasmine rice. I served peas on the side. Broccoli would be great too. Anything green!

Enjoy and Eat well!

xoxo – Kat

Asian Pickles


Summer time is my favorite time of the year to experiment with fruits and veggies and these Asian Pickles are a WINNER!

I adore lettuce wraps and at The Cheesecake Factory they serve these pickled cucumbers on the side and that is where the inspiration was born.

I played around with the differet flavors and after a few tweeks and actual measuring I have a recipe worthy or sharing!

I adore just your basic marinated cucumbers in vinegar which is a Southern staple at ant summer meal  so, I am introducing you to this is a “gourmet” Asian version.

It will be ther perfect addition to your next meal!

pickles 1

Asian Pickles

2 small pickling cucumbers or 1 large English cucumber, sliced

1/2 sweet onion (Vidalia, is my fav) sliced super fine

1/4 c vegetable oil

1/3 c rice wine vinegar

1 T low sodium soy sauce

1 t honey

1 t srircha

1 t seaseme oil

1 t toasted sesame seeds

Slice veggies and set to the side. Make marinade and pour over top. Allow to marinate at least 4 hours.

pickles 2

This marinade doubles and triples beautifully although I personally do not think you will want to double or triple the sesame seeds. They go a long way!!


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Sesame Noodles & Asian Salmon

sesame noodles

Ever since we lost Harris Teeter, I have been on a quest for the perfect cold Sesame Noodles.

They  are one of my favorite things that I have never been able to get right?

UNTIL NOW!! Yip-eeeeee!

And here is how I did it!

I scoured the internet looking for recipes and as I do,

 I took bits and pieces from my inspriations and put my own recipe together that I am going to share here with you!

Sesame Noodles

1 lb  thin spaghetti, cooked al dente’ as the soy breaks down the noodles and they will get gummy.

1 red pepper, cut in thin strips

1 bunch of scallions, chopped

1 T toasted sesame seeds


1/3 c rice wine vinegar

1/3 c soy sauce

2 T siracha

2 T honey

1 T peanut butter

1 T fresh grated ginger

3 T sesame oil

1/2 c canola oil

Mix everything together, taste for seasonings. This will make a ton of dressing but, please trust me the noodles will  absorb the dressing, and you need it!

COLD OVEN  Asian Salmon

Simply make extra of the above “dressing” minus the peanut butter and double the honey

marinate the salmon a few hours

place the salmon in a cold oven

set to 400 and timer for 25 mins.



Your welcome in advance! This is a keeper!!

Thai Chicken Soup

thai chicken soup

Last week, it was extra cold and I had a craving for a soup and this just hit the spot!

It is delish and came together so fast! Making this a wonderful week night meal.

Thai Chicken Soup

1 onion, diced

2 carrots, diced


4 oz can chopped water chestnuts

bamboo shoots

1 T coconut oil

14 oz can diced tomatoes, with juice

2- 24 0z Thai Ginger infused chicken broth

2 cups cooked chicken

14 0z can coconut milk

juice & zest from 1 lime


Melt coconut oil, saute onions & carrots. Add mushrooms, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. Saute for a few mins. Add tomaotes and chicken broth simmer on low, add chicken, simmer for 15 mins or so and stir in coconut milk, and lime juice. ENJOY!!


Asian Tea Poached Pork Loin

asian pork

My Aunt brought this great cold pork dish to our house over Christmas and I had never heard of such a thing! Poached Pork? Well, it is just yummy! And I loved it! Perfect for a party, a dinner or just about anything,so easy!!  You make it ahead and let it sit and “steep” in the marinade!  Now, the original marinade was really salty so I have changed it up and  I was super excited with the outcome!!  I served this at a party I catered last weekend and it was a hit!!


Asian Pork Loin

Boil pork loin in 2 family size teabags for 1 hour. Cool. Place in a plastic bag.  Reserve 1 cup of the cooking liquid.


1 cup low sodium Soy sauce

1 cup rice wine vinegar

1/2 c sherry

1 cup reserved cooking liquid

Add above ingredients to the plastic bag  and pour over pork. Allow to marinate for at least 24 hrs up to several days. It just gets better the longer it sits & steeps. Trust me here!

Sriracha Dipping Sauce

1/2 cup Mayo

2 T  marinade (from bag)

Sriracha to taste

1 bunch of scallions, chopped fine

Put mayo in a bowl and whisk in marinade to thin and flavor mayo, add Sriracha to taste I suggest adding a squeeze, stir, taste, repeat until you reach desired heat and tastiness!!

Slice pork thin and top with spring onions & a little of the marinade; serve cold/room temperature with crusty rolls and this amazing dipping sauce!


Mama Bird