Fried Chicken 

I posted on Facebook last night that I was in search of some great fried chicken right here at home. In Hickory, NC who makes some tasty chicken? I mean I love the Bo and all but, Jack & I had been talking about fried chicken and decided we would add this to our search. And boy lots of my peeps shared their favorite spots. Mountain Fried Chicken, which I had never even heard of came up more than anywhere else. And after a quick Google search I was able to locate and see that they indeed were open on Sunday! So yeah we had a lunch plan after church, which can be a real issue. We are horrible at picking a place! 

We arrived about 12:40 and there was a line out the door! What? Well, it moved really fast at this no frills spot. It’s a bit shabby, plastic silverware, foam plates, packaged lemon for the tea! Hush your mouth, this is a sin in my opinion. However, for good food I’m willing to deal with the fake lemon. Once, but really in the south you gotta have good tea & real lemon. Anyhoo, you order cafeteria style, choose how many pieces of chicken along with what cut. I’m a single breast girl.  J had 2 legs, and hubs had thigh & leg. The chicken was great. Just like the tag line on the sign said, “It’s not greasy”, it wasn’t. Very moist even the breast, crunchy outside, great flavor. Very good. We all ordered different sides, my plate pictured above was by far the most monochromatic and not my typical plate! Mashed potatoes were really peppery, baked apples were not too mushy or cinnamony which was good with me! The green beans seemed to be straight out of the can. Pintos (I don’t eat them) boys said were good and both enjoyed the potato wedges. Chicken is definitely why you’re going to go here and you’ll be happy. Next time I’d probably get a box of chicken to take home and have my own sides.

Mountain Fried Chicken is open daily and the staff was very nice. They have daily specials and off 10% off on Sundays with your church bulletin (dang it I tossed mine in the recycle bin!) next time. 

What did you have for Sunday lunch? 

Perfect Lemon Chicken 

An all time favorite & perfectly simple dinner that’s easy enough for a week night or can be dressed up with your sides for a divine dinner party. 

I am a chicken snob, I prefer organic not pumped to the size of my head pieces! Goodness they taste so much better. Really there is no comparison. 

Slice an onion & lemon. Drizzle chicken with olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper. Place chicken on top of several slices of both along with some fresh herbs, thyme is my favorite, along with a few garlic cloves. Squeeze half lemon juice over chicken and roast on ribbed baking sheet or casserole dish at 350 for apx 45mis to 1 hour or until juices run clear. 

Tex Mex Grilled Chicken Salad

tex mex salad

Talk about yummy! This Tex Mex grilled chicken salad is one of my new favorite salads EVER!!

inspired by this post over at I heart naptime

I started by grilling a huge pack of boneless/skinless chicken breast.

Then I whipped up this crazy good ranch

tomitillo ranch

Tomatillo Lime Ranch

1 cup mayo

1 pkt dry Ranch dressing

1 tomatillo, pureed in food processor

juice of 1 lime

1 T chili powder (adds flavor not much heat, feel free to adjust)

splash of milk (apx 1/4 cup)

Mix everything in a large jar, seal, shake well and refridgerate

and added my signature Carolina {black bean} salsa

carolina salsa

Carolina Salsa

2 cans drained & rinsed black beans

2 cans drained mexi corn

1 small red onion, chopped fine

1 large cucumber, seeded and diced fine

2 T sugar

1 cup balsamic vinegar

salt & pepper to taste

Allow to marinate overnight for best taste

Serve with chips for delish chips & salsa or add to a salad the possibilities are endless!!



lots of lettuce

carolina salsa

grilled chicken strips


avacado slices

Tomatillo Ranch

and presto you have the best TEX MEX grilled chicken salad ever!

Perfect Shredded Chicken

shredded chicken

One of my favorite things to do to make week night meal planning a breeze is

Perfect Shredded Chicken

I buy the huge pack of chicken roast it

rub with olive oil, salt & pepper

350 for 1 hour 15 mins or until juices run clear.

All you have to do is put the big hunks in your stand mixer and turn on.

In a few minutes you have PERFECT shredded chicken!

I put varying amounts in freezer bags and pull out for burritos, soup, chicken salad whatever!

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xoxo, Mama Bird