Bruschetta Chicken

bruschetta chicken


Talk about delish, this is one of my new favorite chicken dishes!

Bruschetta Chicken is fresh and simple and perfect!

Key to this dish is a good marinade, my favorite is a simple balsamic vinegrette. Marinate overnight and grill.

That’s it!


1 pint of tomatoes

fresh basil

sea salt & pepper


fresh mozzerella

Next make the Bruschetta.  Pick some yummy tomatoes, whatever is in season, it’s winter so I used a mix of grape & cherry tomatoes. I personally think they are the best choice for a sweet flavorful tomatoe when it is not tomato season (summer). Chop or dice your tomatoes, add some fresh basil, sea salt, couple of glugs of good balsamic and fresh mozzerella allow to sit at room temp for a bit to allow the flavors to meld. Pour over top of chicken and enjoy!!

oxo, Kat

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Onion Tomato Tart

tomato onion tart

Freaking Amazing!

This is a dish that will let your guest know just how much you appreciate them! It looks beautiful, tastes amazing, is so super fresh & yummy & comforting & just dang delish! You could serve it with anything! It is also so easy to make. Now, you can make your own pie crust, however that is just too time consuming for me- You can also use a freezer crust from the store or they have great ones in the cold section at the grocery. You decide how fancy you want to be!

Tomato Onion Pesto Tart

TIP: Do not use a deep-dish crust go with the standard shallow version.
3 sweet onions (I prefer Vidalia), sliced thin (trust me you need this many, they cook way down)
3 T olive oil
1 T  sea salt

1 T balsamic vinegar
Swiss Cheese or any mix of cheese you like, shredded
Apx 1 pint Cherry or grape Tomatoes, cut in half

1-2 T Perfect Pesto

Swirl olive oil in pan, add onions & cook on med/high for 5-10 mins until they start to get some color then reduce heat to med/low and continue to soften & caramelize for another 15-20mins then add balsamic and cook 5 more mins.  Put apx 2 tablespoons Perfect Pesto in bottom of pre-cooked pie shell, layer with onions,  cheese then cherry tomatoes. Cook for 12 mins on 350 and SIMPLY ENJOY!!!

xoxo, Bird

Roasted Tomato Soup

tomato soup 2

Today was nasty, rainy, gloomy day and what is best on a yucky day? SOUP! My friend Ashley mentioned that she would love some tomato soup and just like that the seed was planted! I was a woman on a mission. And I must say, MISSION ACCOMLISHED! This soup was DELISH!! And aside from waiting for the veggies to roast it came together rather quickly.

tom grid

Roasted Tomato Soup

3 lbs Roma tomatoes, cut in half lengthwise

1 large Vidalia onion, quartered

4 cloves garlic, peeled

1/4 cup olive oil

splash of balsamic vinegar

salt & crushed red pepper flakes, to taste

1 t smoked paprika

1 t thyme

32 oz chicken stock

1 T tomato paste

2 t sugar

1/2 cup half & half

Slice tomatoes in half lengthwise, quarter onions & peel garlic; toss with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices. Place on rimmed cookie sheet; roast at 375 for 35-45 mins. Puree in food processor to desired texture add chicken stock, tomato paste and sugar. Allow flavors to combine for at least 30 mins. over low heat. ENJOY!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Tomato Jam

OMG this stuff is like a little dash of heaven, wrapped up in a beautiful glass jar! It is a savory jam that makes a gorgeous addition to a cheese plate!  Here are a few I found around the net that were among my INSPIRATION!!  About 3 summers ago I first tried canning andI found White on Rice Couple and they’re versions of  Tomato Jam truly were awesome!!  The following recipe is the only one I tried but I am SO EXCIED to try the others and I think today is the day!!

Tomato Thyme Jam
1 lb tomatoes
1/2 c brown sugar
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 tsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 lime, squeezed
1 Tb fresh thyme
Place all ing in a non-stick pot and bring to a boil reduce down to a simmer and let go for about a hour. It will thicken. I had enough to taste yum-eeeee and to fill to small jelly jars. I think this will be a wonderful addition to my Holiday Food Baskets!!