Easter Lollipops


My buds at Sugar Bomb Bakery shared with me a great recipe for homemade lollies that use REAL fruit juice, Several years I found these awesome vintage lollipop molds and I just had the best time making homemade suckers! They look so pretty!
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/3 cup light corn syrup (organic, if you can find it)
1/3 cup plus 1 1/2 teaspoons pure fruit juice (we used a blend of cranberry and blackberry)*
1/8 teaspoon citric acid (we used
Tart and Sour Flavor Enhancer, from LorAnn, I found it at Hobby Lobby)
*I am going to try a orange or mango juice for this years Easter treats!! This pic was taken several years ago and I am much more enlightened and knowledgeable about food dyes! I prefer to NOT use them now.
Lightly coat the insides of the molds with nonstick cooking spray and insert sticks.Stir together sugar, corn syrup, and juice in a medium-size saucepan.  Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat, swirling the pan once or twice.  Cook to 300ºF (hard-crack stage) and immediately remove from heat.  Allow the bubbling to subside, then check the temperature and cool to 260ºF.  Now add the citric acid and swirl the pot to incorporate. Spoon mixture into molds, filling all the way to the top. Allow to completely cool prior to removing molds.

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Cowboy Treats!

Happy Halloween!! This is outfit #1. As at 2 yrs 3 mos Little j has developed an opinion. And, it is a strong one, not unlike that of both his parents. Anyhoo, this adorable yet, somewhat large outfit was shared with us and he loved it! This is what he wore to his party at pre-school. Isn’t it cute? Here is the finished product on the monogrammed Moon Pies!! I went with sprinkles. The great stickers came from my fav ebay store Tiny Prints Wall Art & More.

Here is j’s Halloween Treat Basket!! I love this it is a plastic pail that has been painted~LOVE!! I wanted to find something that he could use for years. I think this works. I got it while on my Girl’s Weekend to Myrtle Beach at Anything Joe’s a favorite store for all things personalized & monogrammed!!Trick or Treat! The trick is on all the Mommies & Daddies here in NC~ there is a monsoon hitting us! Are you kidding? Rain! It has rained almost every weekend this fall and I am NOT liking it at all. Luckily for us j doesn’t even get the door to door candy beg that is the ritual of this holiday. He just thinks we suddenly have a dozen kids in our neighborhood! The weather actually broke for about a hour and a half the rain stopped and after buying $40 worth of candy we only got 10 treaters and of the 10 NONE of the children even said “trick or treat” they just rang the bell and held open their bags! There was 1 bunch of 3 boys probably around age 7, when they walked up and saw j they screamed “Mommy, the cowboy has a gun!!! (If you have hand gun issues PLEASE do not bring them to me. I am just telling a story.) The last set of girls came and j said “hey neighbors” the older of the 2 girls, again probably 7 or 8 said “hey, i think we invited you to our party tonight, she then precedes to say oh yea never mind, he’s too young and you’re too old” THANKS!!!!!!

Monogramed Moon Pies

I saw an article in Southern Living, one of my fav mags that was showing different treat ideas for Halloween and I just LOVED the decorated Moon Pies! Being the monogram fan I am I thought to put each child’s initial on their Moon Pie would be a cute sersee to send to preschool. I hope the kids like, j didn’t care for the pie at all! oops! Did you notice the adorable spider sticker? My fav ebayer seller, Little Prints, made these. I can’t wait to get the Christmas ones!!