Earth Day!

What are you doing to help OUR EARTH?

Here at my home we are trying to do our part. I thought I would share with you the baby steps we are taking to make the Earth a little better.


Recycle I do hope that since it is 2013 you too are recycling! I made my own recycling center from bins at target. We live in the country and have to take it to a recycling center. It is really easy and has decreased our trash by at least half!

Garden Plus 1.4-Gallon Kitchen Compost Pail

Compost I got this adorable white compost bin from Lowes about a year ago, prior to that I was using Tupperware! I love this because it fits perfectly under my kitchen sink and Jack loves dumping it into  the big bin outside. Composting has also cut the trash WAY down and I love the visual of seeing all the good things we are eating! A little tip KIDS LOVE COMPOST! My son is obsessed and tells everyone all about composting.


Garden we LOVE our garden and are so lucky to have a very large garden, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a big space, you can plant tons of things in pots. We save tons of money by growing all the wonderful veggies, herbs & a few fruits!

Reusable Snack Bags& Reusable Grocery Bags  this is a Super Easy way to cut money and trash! You can find reusable bags and containers everywhere!  Some of my personal favorite bags are SCOUT. The last FOREVER!! I have one that is at least 5 years old. This is the bagette it is the market tote and retails for $23 and is worth every penny in my opinion! Every week I get stopped and asked “where I got my bag”


Re –use Paper! all of  it! All those worksheets, junk paper that comes home from school, FLIP it over use it for art, grocery list, printer paper. Think how many trees you are saving!!

ReSource  is an awesome place that you can donate almost anything you can think of! Really anything, they have a craft room and a warehouse with tons of cool stuff just waiting to be Up cycled!

What are you doing to help OUR EARTH?

xoxo, Bird

Table {up cycling}

A friend was getting rid of a table that had been damaged and I quickly snatched it up!


First I took a hand sander to the whole thing. It took several times as there were some deep cuts in the top, down several layers of paint and into the wood.


Next, I painted the whole thing with this purple spray paint that I had in the garage (who knows what I originally bought it for?)


Then, I painted it with 2 coats of Antique White, leaving the drawer purple. I then took an old candle and rubbed all the edges, spindles, ridges, etc and went lightly over just those areas with the electric palm sander.


Total makeover was like $5. for the white spray paint, everything else I had on hand. I love how it turned out! I am now starting a 3 drawer side table to go on the other side of the bed!! I LOVE it!! ANd it only took me an afternoon to do it!! Spray paint dries so fast!!! LOVE

What do you think??

xoxo, Mama Bird

Table Up-cycling

Before: Mimi’s telephone table. Nice but ordinary. Wouldn’t you say?


After: SO much cuter. Personality. I used spray paint. Red Cherry (I believe? Krylon) Sprayed 2 coats and it just looked fantab! You can still see the wood grain, it just looks so much better!! I think Mimi would probably “cuss” me for painting it! But, never the less. I love it! 

xoxo. mama bird

Jack’s Table {up-cycling}


When I was digging through (quit literally) the attic I came across a table and chairs set that I had as a little girl! SCORE!!

I somehow can not find a before pic but it was white and needed a little TLC. I painted the whole table red and the taped off the top, leaving a 1in boarder and used the Krylon Chalk board paint. I also taped off the top of the chairs, I thought it would be cute to put names on the top!
I am just in love with how it turned out!
What do you think?

Chalkboard Easel {up-cycling}


This week is VBS at church and our theme is Shake It Up Café. I am in charge of snacks and so I thought I would make a few decorations to add to the theme of the café!


I took this old train table top (it was in the recycling pile!) and spray painted it with krylon chalkboard paint.


It worked  perfect! It was already cut in half. Then I had Hubs drill 4 holes in the top of it and I threaded some cute ribbon through and tied tight!
That was it!! Isn’t that nifty?! I can use this for parties, in the kitchen all over!!

I LOVE my up-cycling!!
xoxo, mamabird