Menu Monday

It’s really  that time again and I am going to share my weekly plan. And hope to give you some ideas to make your week go by smoother.  I am really into cooking one full day prepping for the week and now that I am feeding 6 other families 2 nights a week!! Yes, you read that right 24 EXTRA meals! Here is how I am planning my week!

Monday- Spaghetti dinner fundraiser @ school, Family Night & soccer (so glad someone is cooking for me!!)


Tuesday – Lackey’s Ragu (x6) this is a YUMMY dish!!

Wednesday- Dinner @church (again, what a blessing to be able to get dinner cooked for us!)


Thursday- Mama’s Meatloaf  (x5) it’s a love it or hate it thing, meatloaf but, this recipe is a winner and cooking it on the broiler pan is the key!

Friday- out

Saturday- App State Homecoming, Tailgate!! (recipes coming!)

Menu Monday


I know, it’s Sunday! I really think of Sunday as the first day of the week and therefore I am going to plan that way!

Sunday- Easy Peasy  Swedish Meatballs  

Meatless Monday-  Perfect Pesto, roasted veggies & angel hair pasta

Tuesday- Tacos

Wednesday-  Pasta Bolognese

Thursday- Birthday Dinner Out!

Friday- who knows?

What is on the menu at your house this week?

tata- Mama Bird


What’s for dinner??

What’s on the menu for this week? Well. I am working on that. I like to look and see what we have going on and plan from there and this week is BUSY!! Something on the calendar almost every night!!

Monday~Ana’s Peanut Veg SoupNUSSENTIALS Event

Tuesday~ Cinnamon Pork Loin

Wednesday~ Pizza (Boy’s night)/ B-day Dinner w/ Girls

Thursday~ ? leftovers? / Soccer game

Friday~ Mexican

Saturday~ MOUNTAINS!!!

What a week! What is on the meal plan at your house?


Menu Monday and Weekly Plan

Can not believe Christmas has come and gone! Today was our first day back to school and we are off to a chilly start! It is snowing all around us. Just not here. sad.

Big things going on here at Mama Bird’s Nest! I am getting clean and organized with Clean Mama! I started today and downloaded all her wonderful tips/tricks and plan to make this happen! SO EXCITED!! Pop on over and join us!!


Now, to the FOOD!!!

Monday – Breakfast for dinner! Big Ham & Cheese omelet, hash browns & blueberry muffins

Tuesday- (leftover) pork burritos or quesadillas*

took the leftover pork tenderloin, dumped enchilada sauce, 2 T brown sugar and tossed in crockpot to shred for yummy leftovers

Wednesday- Brunswick Stew (freezer)

Thursday- Big J’s Meatloaf 

Friday-  pizza night

What’s on your menu this week?

xoxo., mama bird


Menu Monday

It’s that time again! How did we get here so fast? Last week was just insane and thankfully this week is not nearly as bad, at least not yet.  I have spent a little time today planning out what will be on the menu based on the meat I have in the freezer along with what’s in the pantry. I am attempting to buy the LEAST groceries possible!

Sunday- Chicken (inspired by Marbella)

Monday- (soccer) Mexi Casserole

Tuesday- Tori Darlin’s Hot Chicken Salad

Wednesday- Baked Ziti (freezer cooking)



Saturday- Brad’s 40th Birthday (Dinner at Twigs in Blowing Rock, review to follow)

What’s on the menu at your house this week?

xoxo, Mama Bird


Planning… menus, schedules, LIFE

This Mom appears calm compared to the way I have been feeling. Overwhelmed. Whirlwind. Wild. You name it I am feeling it. I take on way more than I should. I do it to myself. I have no one but me to blame. Every now and again, one just needs to throw themselves there very own pity party. Ta Da- it’s time. 

Ok, I am done. Now onto this weeks wild and crazy adventures!!

Sunday- Teach Sunday School attend church, {this always makes me feel better and like I am getting a great start to the week} dinner in the crockpot, laundry and clean the upstairs. Pray to sneak in a 1 hr nap. Will never happen, but a girl can dream. Right?

Monday- Soccer practice for j – another crockpot or quick & easy dinner

Tuesday- Surprise Party I am baking the cupcakes! Hope to have leftovers from previous night for boys!

Wednesday- Working late. Freezer meal.

Thursday- fitting in Charlotte for j’s 1st modeling gig! Dinner in Cha-town. Something yummy!!

Friday- j’s well visit, boys hunting, mommy crashing

Saturday- Surprise Party (I’m baking) Night out with friends. Will be MUCH needed!!

WOW-weee. A tish tired just from reading it all. Now, you might wonder what am I going to feed my people.


Sunday- Pop’s Stew Beef

Monday- Spaghetti

Tuesday- leftovers

Wednesday- Chicken pie (from freezer!! made 2)

Thursday- dinner out

Friday- who knows!!

Have a great week!! Mama Bird

Weekly Roundup

WOW! A very busy weekend here at the Nest! 150 baby shower cupcakes, a barnyard/tractor birthday party and another baby shower!! I am exhausted! The week is just as packed!! Full of some super exciting things!!
Monday~ ZUMBA with Hickory Girls Fitness
Have you done zumba? Have you met Kat and Courtney? They are freaking amazing! Pop on over to their site check them out! You will not be disappointed.
Tuesday~ Fire on the Rock Chef Challenge
Do you love Iron Chef? OMG I am obsessed and I am going to see the best Western North Carolina has to offer and I can not wait!!! Ck back for my take on the event!
Wednesday~ Dirty Barbie Gets Organized my oldest friend, yes I have known her since we were itty bitty wrote another great play and I am going to the Lee Street Theater in Salisbury, NC to see her  preform! I am also popping by what has been described as “best place to eat in town” Mambo for dinner!!
Thursday~ Prep work for cupcake competition
Friday~ baking, baking and baking!! Heading to Grove Park Inn in Asheville
Saturday~ CUPCAKES FOR CURES!!! Then Girl’s Night Out!!! Woo-wee I am celebrating my birthday with my favs!! Can’t wait!!!
Toodles, Mama Bird

Weekly Run Down {countdown to Halloween}

This week is hopefully going to be a bit easier than last. I have a few new recipes to try out and a few less cakes to bake! This week Apple Cake with orange syrup and Carmel Icing!! yum-yum (will share recipe later this week!). Also, Jen is sharing her Ghostly Sheppard’s Pie and I will be re-posting PUMPKIN CHILI both perfect for Halloween!! Look for lots of new cakes & cupcakes as well!!

On our menu:

Monday~ Sausage & Lentil Soup (Carrabba’s inspired)

Tuesday~ Portabella Mushroom Pork Tenderloin

Wednesday~ Leftovers (Mama is working late)

Thursday~ Baked Ziti

Friday~ Pumpkin Patch & Pizza!!

What’s on your Menu?

xoxo, Mama Bird