2013 the year of transformation



My oldest and first friend of mine, Denise, of Wellness Charlottesville and The Dee Dee Stewart Project has agreed to take me on as her most challenging ( I am only assuming,since she knows me personally) client yet. You see Dee does not just tell you how and what to eat. She works on the WHOLE you. We are going to the core the root of the problems. What causes my weight to yo-yo so and how am I going to end this cycle for good? Dee is going to me my guide through what is for some odd reason a really scary transformation. I have always found a way to lose weight, look and fel great and yet the little demon in the shadows always comes back. Bastard.  

I EAT to celebrate, I eat when I morn. Eat mostly to fill a void a void that was created way, way back when and I know why I know how it works. Sometimes I mange it well. Sometimes not at all. So 2013 is going to be the year. The year that I break the cycle the year that I just throw it all out there, accept life for what it is, what it can be and what I can do about it. It is the year about me. I am going to be 40 in 3 months. How did I get here? How shall I proceed?

I am going to Succeed. I will be “meeting” with Coach Dee weekly and will be doing all sorts of challenges getting my entire life in order, lots of things to sort through. De cluttering, removing all the cob webs.

I will be sharing it ALL here, the good, the bad the ugly the TRUTH about what I am doing and what I ate.


I am ready to change,

I am ready to be the best me that there is to be.

xoxo, Mama Bird



Today, I am sharing about my success with my weight loss!! I am so excited to say that I have lost 11 pounds! And I really have to confess,it has FALLEN off. No kidding. All I have done is drink a protein shake for breakfast and added an amazing liquid vitamin.That is it. PROMISE! 

Nussentials is super healthy, gluten free, and soy free! LESS “is complete with whey protein and stabilized rice bran, provides the foundation for a healthy weight management program. Whether your choice is rich vanilla or velvety chocolate, one scoop of LESS every day helps preserve lean muscle tissue while suppressing your appetite; promoting fat loss and boosting your energy.”

CORE is the bomb! It is an amazing liquid multi vitamin that will honestly make you feel better!! “The foundation for a healthy lifestyle, providing 100% of your essential daily vitamins, a time-released energy boost, and a powerful blast of antioxidants in a great tasting, rapidly absorbed liquid. CORE maximizes energy, concentration, heart health and sexual function, while awakening your longevity gene with the antiaging properties of resveratrol, mangosteen, and gogi berry.”

ALERT is another FAVORITE! I like to take a “shot” of this mid afternoon when I start to feel sluggish and would want to reach for something sweet.  ALERT is “An all-natural, vitamin and mineral fortified energy drink. Helps keep you alert with vitamin B12 and helps to keep you focused by awakening the alpha waves in your brain.” IT ROCKS!!


Will you join me in my journey?


If you have any questions email me


xoxo, Mama Bird

12 weeks….

I said it before

and I am saying it again

(almost 4 years later)

said I wouldn’t,

but I did.

I gained my weight back,

not all of it Praise God

but a quite a bit.

Dang it!


I am doing something about it.

Nussentials  90day/12weeks  GOLD Challenge let’s see what happens, how I can transform again? Gain energy, feel better both inside and out. Find ME again.

Follow my journey as I document the ups the downs, cooking healthy for my family, baking all my cupcakes (guess I need to find a taste tester!) and everything in between!!

Want to do it with me? Start now and our 12 weeks will END just in time to see all the family and friends over the holidays!

Nussentials check it out.


Love ya. Mean it. Mama Bird

4 weeks….

 Where has the time gone? It is APRIL, EASTER, SPRING. 4 weeks from now is Hubs and my VACATION. 5 weeks from now ANNIE Z’S WEDDING. 6 weeks from now BCB/APP GIRLS REUNION. What does my social calender have to do with anything? Well, it is cruch time!
How much can I de-puff in a month? According to a few 15 lbs is realistic and CAN HAPPEN!! I read a ton of articles and here is my cliff notes version of HOW to DO IT!! I mean do you want to know all the reasons, I don’t really care! I just want to DO it!!!

1. NO Added Sugar or Fat
2. No Soda or Sweets
3. Drink tons of water
4. EXERCISE, alot

Now my list of how I (and take this with a grain of salt, a wing and  a prayer and the fact that I will check in with my doctor, a real legit doctor the same one I would go to if I was to have chest pains, not a “fat doctor”!)

1. Drink protein shakes:
M-Th for all meals
Fri- brekfast & lunch
Sat & Sun- breakfast only
2. Drink TONS of water
3. NO COKE ZERO (this will be hardest for me!)
4. ZUMBA at least once a week (it is so bad for my knee but, i enjoy it more than any other form of exercise!) Walk, skip, hop anything to move as much as physically possible.

I will weigh in on Monday and every Monday for the next 6 weeks. Just maybe it will happen and I will be able to get a great, frame worthy pic of me & hubs on vaca, the HHS Girls at Annie’s Wedding and my college girls. How great would that be?