Windows Live Writer Yip-eee!

wfmwbannerKRISTEN After visiting We Are THAT Family and reading through so many AMAZING tips from fellow bloggers on today’s WHAT WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAYS  I am super excited to be trying out Windows LIVE Writer. OMG!!! Thank-you. thank-you. Thanks so much to Kim at Mom Tried It who gave this as her tip!! Kim, I gotta tell you  this is the best!! It is SO much easier to link to my friends and share info and goodness, to just be able to see how the post is looking as I type and to see where pics are really going to be. You are a dear and I love you for opening my eyes up to a whole new world!! oxox
p.s. did I mention how excited I am to have SPELL CHECK?! I  use Google as my own personal dictionary!! I can’t spell!!

Potty Training~ I need HELP!!

This is my first time here on Works For Me Wednesday. I am so excited to participate. I of course have the million dollar question: HOW to POTTY TRAIN a BOY!! Have at it PLEASE tell me the WHAT, the HOW, the WHEN all your knowledge!!! I will love you forever!!
I will give you a brief history.
Jack is 2 1/2
Most all his pre-school class is trained.
He says he DOES NOT want to wear diapers anymore.
He HAS pee-peed and pooped in the potty. He was happy and proud.
He goes a very long time between wet diapers and poops like clock work, same time every day.
When he wears underwear he loves it! But, he doesn’t GO to the potty!
We have a potty seat, a potty and a Peter Potty!!