Pinching Lobsters

Stacy's Lobster Photo

In a strange way I think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world. Not because I am wealthy or beautiful or extreamly smart or talented, (cause I’m not) but because I know so many freaking people!! And not just know of but, really I KNOW so many people. I have lived in 9 cities, 2 of them twice, attended 3 high schools and 4 colleges, really. I have worked in too many salons to even count. What does all this mean? well, with my need to connect and facebook to thank for the fact that I know what most of these people are doing, what their kids/pets look like, where they vacation and what they are doing to leave their mark on the world!

Tonight I introduce you to Dax Santi a Hickory boy that is cute and funny and SO WORTH READING!!! Dax recently published his own novel.


 Pinching Lobsters  A failed marriage proposal sends a man off the deep end, where he forms and unlikely bond – with a lobster.

Dax started a kickstarter project and if you pledge a dollar he will tweet you! For $5 you can download the book!!! Pop on over and check out a very talented friend!! Tweet Dax tell him Mama Bird sent ya!!

Independence Day Parade


Today we participated in a 4th of July Parade at the library! It was so great to see all the strollers, wagons, bikes, trikes and big wheels! I made a quick trip to the dollar store and voila the Decked out Hooptie Radio Flyer!!

P1010234 The HIGH POINT of Jack’s Day…P1010255meeting a FIREMAN!!

How are you celebrating Independence Day?

Friday~ Pool, Baseball Game & Fireworks!

Saturday~ Family Cookout & Pool Party

Sunday~ Lake, FRIENDS, Cookout & FIREWORKS!!

Monday~ REST by the POOL!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!


xoxo, Mama Bird