Here comes Peter Cottontail {pintrest party}


This months Girl’s Night/ Pintrest Party was inspired by Rain on a Tin Roof. I just adored her glitter bunny  and i too had pinned the same exact others that she had  gotten inspiration from! (great minds must think alike!)  It is always so much fun to see how each canvas turns out! A few girls painted their bunnies and the others used fabric (which I loved). I had found a ribbon with yellow and gray that was my inspiration for the color pallet. 





bunny template


yarn, for tail

ribbon, for hanging

fabric, ribbon, or paper  to create bunting

I painted yellow stripes, I placed painters tape on the canvas leaving about 3 finger width between each strip of tape, I used a butter yellow and allowed it to dry, then I added a bunch of water to the remnants of the yellow paint and did the stripes between the same tone of yellow, just much lighter.  Then I traced the 2 bunnies with a pencil on my canvas and painted them gray. I made the bunting by cutting various pieces of fabric in triangles and hot glued them on the twine. I used yarn to make the fluffy tail and used leftover fabric, cut it into 3 stripes and braided it to make a really different kind of hanger. I adore how it turned out!!



xoxo, mama bird

Happy Fall Y’all {pintrest party}


Last night E hosted our first (hopefully of many!) Pintrest Parties! We all showed up with a canvas, a yummy app & of course no girls night would be complete without a bottle of vino! Our theme was FALL and we had spotted this adorable canvas on pintrest.


Armed with paint, brushes and an idea we were ready!!


We had such a great time! Everyone did and awesome job and it was such a fun night!!


xoxo, Mama Bird

“SNOW” Doh {play sand}

Talk about a fun activity to do while it’s cold outside!! This was a blast, not going to lie, it made a huge mess but, the time they spent quietly playing was well worth having to pull out the vacuum!!


1 5lb bag flour

1 15 oz baby oil

Dump flour in a big bowl and drizzle baby oil all over the flour mix well and you will have the softest sand ever!! I think next time I may add a little food coloring (paste) in the oil to try for colored sand!!


xoxo, Ms. Kat

Christmas Pure & Simple {nativity}

The girls over at Eighteen 25 have done it again!

This really IS the Reason for the Season, right?

To celebrate the Birthday of Jesus.

I have wanted a nativity forever! My Mother has an all white set that she (claims) made in ceramics back in 1978! I hope one day to get my hands on it! Until then I think this is a fantab idea. It is simple. It is lovely! I am going to try and recreate a version on this. Thanks so much to the lovely ladies at Eighteen 25

Pop on over to Eighteen 25

and see how they crafted this beautiful ART!

xoxo, Mama Bird

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{Summer} wreath


I can cross another thing off my Summer Bucket List!! I got crafty the other night and made my summer wreath. I think it turned out pretty cute and for less than $10 I think it is even cuter!!


I found a wreath form at the dollar store. Already had the “G” initial that I picked up at Hobby Lobby 1/2 off for less than $2. Bought 3 spools of ribbon, also half off and the windmills were .49 cents!!

Pulled out my trusty glue gun and just started gluing! Took me about 15 mins and voila! my creation on the front door!! Fun & Easy!


what do you think?

xoxo, mamabird

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Summer Crafts for kids {Ideas?}

What an awesome list The Long Thread has compiled of 50 Summer Crafts with kids. I am thinking that if I could get in 1 a week I would be ecstatic. I think we will attempt that. 1 a week and I will link you to the tutorial that inspired the craft and what we actually did! FUN times!!

Please feel free to leave your craft ideas in the comments. Jack is almost 4. I don’t mind if it’s messy and the more creative the better!!!

Art in the Park {jack’s art}


Loving the Rainbow

Every Spring, 1st Pres Pre-school has

“Art in the Park” this is where the kids (really the teachers schlep all the stuff out and hang it via clothes pins in massive April winds!) display their lovely art work for all the school to see, along with the town!

This year was a little random, with pumpkins and snowmen but, still it was all cute. Here are a few highlights of my precious boy, Jack age 3. ART.



j’s is the 2nd from the left. The Halloween themed canvas!


Snowman (mulch) Graveyard

xoxo, Mama Bird

Give Thanks and Eat {my newest love}

LOLLYJANE  Had a new visitor today Lolly Jane! I am in LOVE with their stuff I have to share with you their creation.


I am heading to the etsy store to buy this for my kitchen. I just LOVE it!!!

Now the problem which one do I order? The classic/retro with the plate or the  funky/classic with the candelabra? 


xoxo, Mama Bird