Breakfast Burritos {freezer cooking}



HEAVEN! makes a few days a week easy!!

Thanks to PINTREST I”pinned” several varations of these jems.

Now here is what I did:

Brown sausage, whatever amount you like. I use just a tish to add some flavor, drain then I few in a few mushrooms, then some fresh spinach, saute a few mins, just to soften. Then set to the side and soft scramble 6 eggs. Mix eggs with the veggie/sausage mix stir in 2 T of cream cheese, salt & pepper. Take flour tortillas and divide egg mix into between 6-8 tortillas, depending on size. Then wrap burritos in parchment, place in freezer bag.  To serve place burrito in micro at 50% power for 3 mins. ENJOY!



Lunchbox Love


Lunchbox love is something I am super passionate about. Back when Jack was in preschool I prided myself on packing a lunch that made the teachers swoon! I think that the key to it all is do what works for you!!! I mean if you dig making all the cutsie fun looking food then do it, if that isn’t your thing thing don’t stress about it. You know what your kid likes, go with that!  I try to mix it up and add a few fun things here and there just to keep things interesting!

image .GET PREPARED – Get online or head to ikea or the container store or walmart and get the containers you need, utensils, cooling packs etc…  I adore the reusable utensils from Ikea, they are cheep so no stress if they get tossed, and the wash wonderfully! The Sistema lunch cube is another favorite, although it is very cumbersome and doesn’t fit in a lot of lunchboxes.  I am really excited about the Easy Lunchbox containers, they have rave reviews and I need to order a set! And my all time favorite thing that I use all the time…. Silicone cupcake liners they are perfect for making jello, holding fruit, crackers you name it!


FOOD IDEAS– I love wraps &  kabobs: Meat & cheese with pickles, olives and veggies would be great . Sammies: I like to use a cookie cutter just to add something fun to the lunch box. Egg Salad, jelly cream cheese (my kid hates peanut butter) chicken salad, cream cheese spreads (up next), nutella & banana, the possibilities are endless. Sides: I always put in fresh fruit, a yogurt stick, a veg and something salty.  Here are a few ideas, some not so new, some a little more creative. I use silicone (reusable!) cupcake/muffin liners to put dips, dressing or anything I want to be separate. Hummus with carrot sticks & pretzel flats, crackers with meat & cheese (homemade lunchable!)


It is totally amazing how by using a fifty cent cookie cutter you can transform a kids lunch. No kidding!! Try it and before you say, that takes too much time! I challenge you to spend 20 mins a week to prepare.  Or do lunch as your cleaning up from dinner. Use leftovers! Transform them!

I will be sharing ideas all school year long and will start with linking to so great articles throughout the net!

Keeper of the Home shares 5 great tips

Simple As That shared 5 great lunches and is GIVING AWAY the super fab  Easy Lunchbox containers


Good Luck sending your peeps back to school!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Happy Home

I had to share this great idea that I saw via Roots & Wings, via SugarDoodle, via  Chicken Babies who is the ORIGINAL creator of the Happy House.


How cute is this?  I love the idea of sharing with your children how building each other up is a great thing. Jack just turned 3 and the MIL gave Hubs all his old legos! What a perfect time to build our own Happy House!

I am sharing this with everyone I know! In fact I think it would be a great thing to do with j’s class. I really feel like showing them the concept of what a finished product looks like and then breaking it down and allow them to build it back up by building up their friends, using their manners, being good listeners, sharing, all great ways for them to learn. I just LOVE it!! I think I will make something fun for them next week. Hum? What to build that boys and girls will get excited about? I will have to think…. Will re-post with the school one next week.

Have a great week/end Labor Day! We are heading to the BEACH!! Praying Earl doesn’t wreck havoc.

xoxo, Mama Bird

Hey Day!! {Teacher Gift}


Friday was “HEY DAY” at pre-school! A time for the kids to go in and see their new classroom and meet the teacher. I thought it would be a nice idea to take a little something.I bought 2 boxes of Altoids Mints, wrapped them in this cute polka dot paper and attached a little note that said “YOU WERE MINT TO TEACH!” Very inexpensive, yet a thoughtful way to say “HELLO”!!

xoxo, Mama Bird