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I just read a great post on Tips for a Better Blog and really took into account what Jen was saying. You know I really want to be a big time blogger. I would love to have zillions of people cooking dinner with me! But, like everything else in my life I am so random! I have 3 jobs ( teach preschool, bake and cater, and do amazing hair color!) am a Mom to a freaking wild 4 yr old who is as busy as a bumble bee, wife to a cranky yet good as gold to put up with me, my mood swings, crazy harebrained  ideas, spastic  & ocd ways. Bless him. He works all the time, is rarely home, would rather hunt, fish, play in the woods, seriously he is country. He likes to camp and be dirty. My idea of camping is staying at a cheep hotel. I kid you not, I am not a camper, never have been, never went as a kid, never.  I  have no desire at this age to sleep anywhere that isn’t as pleasant as my own bed. Really. I went to tons of Forest Parties, backpacked across Europe, slept in hostels, and went to summer camp! But at not yet 40. Ahh, NO thank-you anyway. I am good.

Some of Jen’s tips really hit home I am going to try and take her tips and see if I too can grow my blog. What do you think?

Ta Ta for now- Bird

Windows Live Writer Yip-eee!

wfmwbannerKRISTEN After visiting We Are THAT Family and reading through so many AMAZING tips from fellow bloggers on today’s WHAT WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAYS  I am super excited to be trying out Windows LIVE Writer. OMG!!! Thank-you. thank-you. Thanks so much to Kim at Mom Tried It who gave this as her tip!! Kim, I gotta tell you  this is the best!! It is SO much easier to link to my friends and share info and goodness, to just be able to see how the post is looking as I type and to see where pics are really going to be. You are a dear and I love you for opening my eyes up to a whole new world!! oxox
p.s. did I mention how excited I am to have SPELL CHECK?! I  use Google as my own personal dictionary!! I can’t spell!!