Weekly Planning & Review

After a super fun night away in Blowing Rock, NC and a dinner at the much anticipated Bistro Roca. I have heard raves and raves about this place and was stocked to go, however, I can’t say that it is anywhere where I will have the desire to go back. I mean it was fine but it wasn’t special. The service was not good, the app, terrible, the highlight of my meal was the Wedge salad, great house made Blue Cheese, yummy. The pizza was good I had the Bistro Roca (manchego cheese, proscuitto, and carmelized onions. It was good, but not the oh my I gotta have it taste that everyone said. Maybe it was a bad night. Guess will see if I ever go back?

   I am trying to get back to reality and plan my week. When looking at my calendar it looks like it is going to be a busy one! Baby Shower cake for Friday, a Camo guitar Birthday cake for Saturday and a Firetruck Birthday cake for Sunday. Not to mention, Hubs is going hunting for the weekend. I am also planning on taking Jack to see Thomas the Train at the NC Transportation Museum. BUSY, BUSY, BEE!

On to the food! What will we be eating this week?

Monday~ Ranchero Pork Tacos {Crockpot}

Tuesday~ Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Wednesday~ Boy’s Leftovers Night{Halloween Party planning Meeting}

Thursday~ Stuffed Shells

Friday~ BBQ {take-out from Paw-Paw’s favorite!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Christmas Tree Debacle~ Show us Your Life!

One of the first Christmas Traditions that we started when Hubs and I got married was going to the Mountains the day after Thanksgiving to pick out our Christmas Tree. Hub’s family used to have a mountain house that sits directly beside a Aldridge’s Tree Farm and so that is where we have gone for the past 4 yrs. The pic is from last year, due to some unforeseen events yesterday we didn’t get the best pics.

So, our day started out just as always j was up at 6 and ready to go. We headed out and up the mountain early and I suggested to take a “short cut” from Blowing Rock to Banner Elk that shaves off quit a bit of time. We took the same route up last year and little did I know that the insanely curvy & narrow road would make my little guy CAR SICK! Oh yes, vomit everywhere. I thought I was going to vomit! It was 35 degrees with wind that almost blew the door off and here we are on the side of this crazy road with a SCREAMING, half-naked 2 yr old! After cleaning as much up as possible we strapped him back in the now referred to “Bomb-it” seat and began my Google Search for somewhere to buy clothes. No such luck had to take a right on 105 and go all the way back to Boone on BLACK FRIDAY to buy clothes. Old Navy, was insane, really insane. I tried to offer a worker $40 cash for my $25 worth of clothing just to avoid the check out line. Again, no luck! Finally, I turn failure into triumph and headed to an old favorite lunch spot The Red Onion and yep, the pesto-chicken pizza was as yummy as I remembered.

We got to the Fraser Forest and I picked out a tree in record time (it was freezing). The trees were as beautiful as ever and as we were leaving I spotted our tree for next year!

Through all the tears and the cold wind and horrible vomit smell it was still a really nice family day. I think these are the memories that will surly make me laugh out loud!!

Last years tree.