The Face of Cancer


I am trying so hard to read this and believe this and I know in my heart It to be true. but on days like today I find myself just grasping to this


Just got some horrible news another face, another loved one, another name attached to cancer.

Finley age 8

A dear friends niece  had emergency surgery on Thursday, doctors found a tumor in her stomach removed part of her bowl and appendix and found out today that she has Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Finley is being transported tomorrow to St Jude’s to determine the stage the cancer is in and will begin chemo on Monday. My heart is just breaking. Please pray for her doctors at St Jude’s. Praise God they are so close to such an amazing hospital. Please pray for her entire family Jase & Megan her brother Jack, Keith & Brooke, Harper & Cole. Pray for my best friend who I am not sure can handle another loss. Pray for God to heal her and for the best possible results on Monday.

Please pass on we need as many prayers as we can get.

xoxo, kathryn