{Buggie} Recipe holder

Looking for an adorable Mother’s Day gift?

How about this cute recipe card holder!

For Mother’s Day my toddlers made their Mommies recipe card holders. I made my mom one of these back in the 70’s and she still has it!! It was so easy, fun and really inexpensive!
I bought the wood cubes from Hobby Lobby for .79 cents, I had the clothes pins and paint so they were FREE. I spray painted the cubes as well as clothes pins allowed to dry and then used the kids finger prints to make cute little bugs. I hot glued the clothes pins on the back of the cubes and the note said ” I BUZZ YOU!”
You could easily use this to display pictures as well! How cute is this?

Happy Mother’s Day!!

xoxo, Bird

“SNOW” Doh {play sand}


Talk about a fun activity to do while it’s cold outside!! This was a blast, not going to lie, it made a huge mess but, the time they spent quietly playing was well worth having to pull out the vacuum!!


1 5lb bag flour

1 15 oz baby oil

Dump flour in a big bowl and drizzle baby oil all over the flour mix well and you will have the softest sand ever!! I think next time I may add a little food coloring (paste) in the oil to try for colored sand!!


xoxo, Ms. Kat

Summer Crafts for kids {Ideas?}

What an awesome list The Long Thread has compiled of 50 Summer Crafts with kids. I am thinking that if I could get in 1 a week I would be ecstatic. I think we will attempt that. 1 a week and I will link you to the tutorial that inspired the craft and what we actually did! FUN times!!

Please feel free to leave your craft ideas in the comments. Jack is almost 4. I don’t mind if it’s messy and the more creative the better!!!

Art in the Park {jack’s art}


Loving the Rainbow

Every Spring, 1st Pres Pre-school has

“Art in the Park” this is where the kids (really the teachers schlep all the stuff out and hang it via clothes pins in massive April winds!) display their lovely art work for all the school to see, along with the town!

This year was a little random, with pumpkins and snowmen but, still it was all cute. Here are a few highlights of my precious boy, Jack age 3. ART.



j’s is the 2nd from the left. The Halloween themed canvas!


Snowman (mulch) Graveyard

xoxo, Mama Bird

Easter Treats!

Easter is just around the corner! I have been working on our Easter Egg Hunt at church and completely forgot to plan for my own Easter celebration! Looking around at some of my fav spots I have seen some great ideas and love to put them all in one spot!


peep sushi

Peep Sushi

Adorable Spring Crispy Pops from Glorious Treats

Bunny Tails!! from eighteen25

Veggie Flower Bouquet Treat by LivingLocurto.com

Veggie bouquet by Living Locurto

Easter Basket cupcakes via Tori Spelling @torianddean on twitter

easter egg crayons henry happened

Easter Crayons by Henry Happened

Easter Lollipops


Here is a pic of last years pops. I haven’t started making them yet! oops….

My buds over at Sugarbomb Bakery

shared a great recipe with real fruit juice.

Go check them out!!

I am IN LOVE with ALL of these ideas!!

What am I going to do for Jack’s Easter Party?

What are you excited about this EASTER?

Mama Bird

Happy Home

I had to share this great idea that I saw via Roots & Wings, via SugarDoodle, via  Chicken Babies who is the ORIGINAL creator of the Happy House.


How cute is this?  I love the idea of sharing with your children how building each other up is a great thing. Jack just turned 3 and the MIL gave Hubs all his old legos! What a perfect time to build our own Happy House!

I am sharing this with everyone I know! In fact I think it would be a great thing to do with j’s class. I really feel like showing them the concept of what a finished product looks like and then breaking it down and allow them to build it back up by building up their friends, using their manners, being good listeners, sharing, all great ways for them to learn. I just LOVE it!! I think I will make something fun for them next week. Hum? What to build that boys and girls will get excited about? I will have to think…. Will re-post with the school one next week.

Have a great week/end Labor Day! We are heading to the BEACH!! Praying Earl doesn’t wreck havoc.

xoxo, Mama Bird