lifestyle changes {gluten & dairy free}

Boy ole boy is this true. I am venturing into a whole new relm here.  Long story short I have had stomach issues ever since I can remember. Tried all sorts if meds nothing has ever helped except when  I was on a really strict diet that ironically was very, very limited if any in wheat, gluten and dairy. I also had NO sinus infections no colds nothing!Well, jack is starting to have lots of snot, allergies and stomach issues (he is 5).  So, we are going to do a 21 day challenge to get all the gluten, wheat, dairy ie, sugar, bread, pasta, cupcakes ( I am seriously questioning if I can bake?) out of the house!!!

How am I going to start? First thing I did was called my bff Denise Stewart of Charlottesville Wellness to ask her professional opinion if this is a good idea, how to get started, all the details! She is great and if you need help call her!

Next, this has to be planned, researched, grocery shopped as to make the next 3 weeks as simple as possible. What CAN we eat? Starting SUNDAY I will share my families 21 days of eating GFDF. Pics, recipes etc…  Hope you will pop back by to see how this going.

Do you have gluten free/dairy free recipes???


Post in comments or email me

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and I will post and give you full credit & link back.

ta ta for now- Mama Bird



Today, I am sharing about my success with my weight loss!! I am so excited to say that I have lost 11 pounds! And I really have to confess,it has FALLEN off. No kidding. All I have done is drink a protein shake for breakfast and added an amazing liquid vitamin.That is it. PROMISE! 

Nussentials is super healthy, gluten free, and soy free! LESS “is complete with whey protein and stabilized rice bran, provides the foundation for a healthy weight management program. Whether your choice is rich vanilla or velvety chocolate, one scoop of LESS every day helps preserve lean muscle tissue while suppressing your appetite; promoting fat loss and boosting your energy.”

CORE is the bomb! It is an amazing liquid multi vitamin that will honestly make you feel better!! “The foundation for a healthy lifestyle, providing 100% of your essential daily vitamins, a time-released energy boost, and a powerful blast of antioxidants in a great tasting, rapidly absorbed liquid. CORE maximizes energy, concentration, heart health and sexual function, while awakening your longevity gene with the antiaging properties of resveratrol, mangosteen, and gogi berry.”

ALERT is another FAVORITE! I like to take a “shot” of this mid afternoon when I start to feel sluggish and would want to reach for something sweet.  ALERT is “An all-natural, vitamin and mineral fortified energy drink. Helps keep you alert with vitamin B12 and helps to keep you focused by awakening the alpha waves in your brain.” IT ROCKS!!


Will you join me in my journey?

If you have any questions email me

xoxo, Mama Bird

4 weeks….

 Where has the time gone? It is APRIL, EASTER, SPRING. 4 weeks from now is Hubs and my VACATION. 5 weeks from now ANNIE Z’S WEDDING. 6 weeks from now BCB/APP GIRLS REUNION. What does my social calender have to do with anything? Well, it is cruch time!
How much can I de-puff in a month? According to a few 15 lbs is realistic and CAN HAPPEN!! I read a ton of articles and here is my cliff notes version of HOW to DO IT!! I mean do you want to know all the reasons, I don’t really care! I just want to DO it!!!

1. NO Added Sugar or Fat
2. No Soda or Sweets
3. Drink tons of water
4. EXERCISE, alot

Now my list of how I (and take this with a grain of salt, a wing and  a prayer and the fact that I will check in with my doctor, a real legit doctor the same one I would go to if I was to have chest pains, not a “fat doctor”!)

1. Drink protein shakes:
M-Th for all meals
Fri- brekfast & lunch
Sat & Sun- breakfast only
2. Drink TONS of water
3. NO COKE ZERO (this will be hardest for me!)
4. ZUMBA at least once a week (it is so bad for my knee but, i enjoy it more than any other form of exercise!) Walk, skip, hop anything to move as much as physically possible.

I will weigh in on Monday and every Monday for the next 6 weeks. Just maybe it will happen and I will be able to get a great, frame worthy pic of me & hubs on vaca, the HHS Girls at Annie’s Wedding and my college girls. How great would that be?