White Chicken Chili



A dear family friend, Celeste Watts shared this recipe with me probably 10 years ago and I am still in love with it! I hope you and your family will enjoy it as much as I do!


White Chicken Chili

1lb large white beans, soaked overnight

6-8 cups chicken broth

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 onions, chopped, divided

1 Tb oil

2 4oz cans green chilies

2 tsp cumin

1 1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

4 cups diced cooked chicken breast

Top with Monterrey Jack Cheese

Combine beans, broth, garlic & half of onions in large soup pot, bring to boil & simmer for apx 3 hrs until beans are soft. Add more broth if needed. In skillet add oil remaining onions and sauté, add chilies, spices & mix well. Add to soup pot. Add chicken and simmer another hour or so.

Serve with cheese, sour cream, salsa, black olives, scallions, tortilla chips, whatever you like!

Enjoy!! Mama Bird

Bird’s (best ever!) Dressing


I have been working on the “perfect” Thanksgiving dressing for over 5 years now and I am so pleased as I think I have finally got the perfect combo of savory, sweet & tart! I tell you this is a winning side dish and everyone will love it! It isn’t hard to make, doesn’t take too much time and is so forgiving you can make it the day before, in fact I think it is better that way!

I use Pepperidge Farm bread crumbs, I mix the Herb & Cornbread and its great! They now that they have 2 different textures; cubes & crumbs. Feel free to use whatever bread you like.

Oh, did I mention it makes a TON!! Feel free to cut recipe in half.

16 oz  Herb & Corn Bread Stuffing (apx a bag and a half)

2 c celery, chopped

1 c onion, chopped

2 c golden raisins

1 lb sweet  Italian Sausage

2 Granny Smith apples, diced

2 sticks Butter, melted &  halved

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

2 tsp basil

2 c Parmesan Cheese

1 c white wine

1 c chicken broth

1 c milk

Cook Italian Sausage & add to stuffing,melt butter; sauté onion & celery add to stuffing, add wine & chicken broth to sauté pan bring to boil, add raisins to rehydrate, add apples cook for 2 min, add to mix; add milk, spices & cheese. Dump into a greased broiler pan (this makes a thiner,crisper dressing; ifyou prefer thicker, use a 9×13 pan) depending on texture that you prefer you may need to add more broth or butter. I drizzle the remaining stick of butter on top as I like to be able to slice my stuffing and have it hold together. If you like a dryer consistency don’t add more liquid. I make mine a day ahead and allow it to sit overnight in the fridge. Bake at 350 for a hour to hour and fifteen mins. ENJOY!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Happy Fall Y’all {pintrest party}


Last night E hosted our first (hopefully of many!) Pintrest Parties! We all showed up with a canvas, a yummy app & of course no girls night would be complete without a bottle of vino! Our theme was FALL and we had spotted this adorable canvas on pintrest.


Armed with paint, brushes and an idea we were ready!!


We had such a great time! Everyone did and awesome job and it was such a fun night!!


xoxo, Mama Bird

Welcome Tea {Pumpkin Dip}


Fantab centerpieces from Sally & Co


Pumpkin Dip with ginger snaps

Pumpkin Dip: easiest ever and so yummy!!

1 pkg pumpkin pudding

1 cup cold milk

1 t vanilla

1 80z cool whip

That’s it. Almost embarrassed to print it is that easy! It is super light a fluffy!


Vanilla cupcakes with sour cherry frosting



Lemon and Chocolate tarts

*recipe to follow!

xoxo, Mama Bird


Jen Cooks {Crockpot Wednesday}


Jen is at it again!! A yummy crockpot recipe that is easy and different!! I LOVE the idea of wrapping the chops in their own little package and I am always looking for a “new” way to prepare pork chops, this is a great idea. Would be lovely for a dinner party as well. Thanks Jen!!

4 pork chops

1 jar of apricot jam

salt & pepper

2 granny smith apples

1 cup brandy

Place each pork chop on a sheet of tinfoil; add salt, pepper, spoonful of jam, 4 slices of apples,  wrap package up leaving one end open, pour Brandy in. (Apx 1/4 to  1/3 cup) seal other end. place in crockpot and cook on low 8 hours.

pretty fab.

xoxo. Mama Bird

Don’t forget to enter to win a FANTAB Party Dress from Shabby Apple  ENTER HERE!!!


30 Days of Thankful {memories}

i am thankful

I wanted to do the 30 Days of Thankful for the month of November, unfortunately, I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t quit get to it in the beginning. SO, that being said I will just start NOW!!

Today I am THANKFUL for memories.

Memories leave impressions on your heart and in your soul that form who you are. I choose to always try and remember the best parts of people and what they have given to me.

I LOVE that I can be standing in Ross and the song Return of the Mack comes on and I instantly want to call BFF L to tell her “it’s ON” and them we reminisce about all the “crazy” things we did, who we were dating, where we were and what we wore!!!

I love that I can drive by the Golden arches on 127 and still see PD Fowler and all the cars parked in a circle trying to make our game plan for a Friday night. Where is the party? Who’s driving? Who will be there? Can you imagine the trouble we could have gotten into had we had cell phones???? OMG

I love that the smell of certain perfumes will always and forever remind me of certain friends.

Thank you God for all the wonderful memories and all the amazing friends that are attached to those memories. I am truly blessed.

xoxo. Mama Bird



Apple Cake


On Friday j’s class went on a field trip to Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton, NC. It is a great place and the kids love it! Part of the fun is that you get to bring home a bag of apples. I adapted a recipe that I found in Pull Up a Chair  from the Lenoir Service League. You can make this cake in a Bundt pan (my fav way) or in a muffin tin. You also can frost these or not. They are wonderful both ways. Obviously more like a cupcake if they have frosting and a muffin without.

Apple Hill Orchard Country Store

How cute is the General Store? They have TO DIE FOR Apple Muffins that remind me a lot of this recipe. They sprinkle the top with brown sugar!! YUM and they also make Fantab Apple Cider Delish!

Fresh Apple Cake

1c vegetable oil

2 c sugar

2 t vanilla

juice from 1 lemon

3 c flour

11/2 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

3 c chopped apples

cream oil, sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice with mixer. Add eggs, combine well after each egg.  Mix dry ingredients and slowly add to egg mixture. Stir in apples and pour into a greased bundt pan or into cupcake liners. Bake at 325 for 1 1/2 hours.

Carmel Frosting

1/2 stick butter

1/2 c brown sugar

1/8 c evaporated milk

1 c powdered sugar

Melt butter, add sugarand bring to a slow boil over low heat for 2 mins, stir constantly. Add milk, stir, bring back to boil. Remove from heat. Cool. Stir in powdered sugar. Drizzle over cake. ENJOY!

xoxo, Mama Bird

{my version} Brunswick Stew

After getting some yummy Brunswick Stew from the Hickory Christian Academy’s Christmas Gift Show, I have had my opinion of Brunswick Stew changed. It was really good. I had some crock pot shredded chicken in my freezer and the recipe ideas just flowed.  There version was called Eastern North Carolina style which I am not exactly what sure that entails. I assume that the chicken had been bbq’d as there was a lot of flavor in the meat as well as the broth. For my next batch I will do the chicken in the crock pot with a vinegar based bbq sauce.
1 onion, diced and sautéed  in olive oil
1 28oz can whole tomatoes, roughly chopped w/ juice
1 10oz bag frozen lima beans
1 10 oz bag frozen corn
1 can cream corn
2 cups chicken broth
3 cups (apx) shredded chicken
Worcestershire sauce (several dashes)
Sauté onion until soft add tomatoes and chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper to taste. Allow to simmer on low for a bit then add frozen veggies continue on low 30mins and ENJOY!!

Check out more great recipes at Tuesesday at the Table

xoxo, Mama Bird

Thanksgiving Prep

I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving! I love the process of getting ready for the meal, decorating the table visiting with family and most of all EATING! YUM!!
I thought it would be most appropriate to share with my all my friends my favorite holiday dishes!! I am thinking I will 2 or 3 posts a week to get you inspired to try some new dishes or to put a twist on an old favorite.
We, or should I say Hubs deep frys a turkey and I have a great rub that I drench Tom in a few days prior to cooking. I also make my “famous” dressing,(a dressing I have been working on for the past 6 yrs!) sweet potato souffle, a jamming cranberry tart, that is a bit of work, but oh, SO worth the effort and a cranberry orange salad, that is requested at all holiday meals.
See all the yummies you have to look forward to??? It is going to be a great Holiday season here at Mama Bird’s Nest! I hope you will all join me!! xoxo

Monday Meal Planning


Happy Fall Y’all!

Can you believe it is November? I can’t! Apparently, the weather is getting ready to go from Summer one day, Fall the next to FULL BLOWN WINTER by the end of the week. UCK!!! I love fall, love wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts, don’t love wearing coats or being cold. Oh well. On to more interesting topics FOOD.  What are we eating around these parts….

Monday~ leftover Pumpkin Chili (sounds odd, but oh it is SO good!!- check it out!)

Tuesday~ Rigatoni D

(my version of Maggiano’s Classic)

Wednesday~ Mediterranean Stew {CROCKPOT!!} Thursday~ Leftovers

Friday~ Pizza Night

mixer love

What’s baking this week?

High Heel Shoe Birthday Cake

5 dozen cupcakes & cake

Baby Shower Cookies

Fun leopard cake

xoxo, Mama Bird