these are a few of my favorite things!

I am going to a Favorite Things Christmas Party on Thursday and it has got me thinking about MY FAVORITES so here are a few!
Stocking stuffer edition!

Under $5

Lemon flavored Ice Cubes, seriously yum-o and I don’t even like gum!
EOS lip balm (and hottie Ed Westwick loves it too!)


coke zero best drink ever!
under $10
Tyler Candle Company
diva & fig scent are my favs! Buy the small one it will make your whole house smell amazing!!
Favorite Cleaning product ever!
Mrs. Myers in lavender & lemon verbena

Trader Joe’s Salted Caramels
Here is the loot from the Fav Things Christmas Party
fav things
Bath & Body Works was a big hitter at the party! Room spray, antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.
Almay eye make-up remover wipes (non oily!) these have been on my walmart shopping list for years and I was out! yea!!
Handmade Christmas coasters were ADORBS!! So cute, that I had to make some over the weekend.
an airplane bottle of some interesting spirits came from a much younger attendee, I am more the wine, diet coke kind of Mama now, but a shot? Why not?
xoxo, Mama Bird 

I Won!!!

Thanks so Kristen at  Kristen Duke Photography !!

I WON!!!!

her FAVORITE THINGS gift basket!!

I am so freaking excited! I never win anything!!

Check out the goods!


On Thursday I am going to a Favorite things party! I can’t wait to see what everyone brings! This basket gave me some great ideas! xoxo, Mama Bird

Can’t Live Without…

Kitchen Gadgets

Today, I am talking about some of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

These are the things I can not live without.

base_mediaA good Dutch Oven. It is a MUST and believe it or not I JUST got this for Christmas. I have used it tons! It is pricey but so freaking worth it!

Cuisinart food processor food pros

I HEART my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixermixer loveI really couldn’t make smooth icing and all the great cupcakes & cakes without this. 

A 2 inch ice cream scoopice cream MUST have to get perfect cupcakes

a Lazy Susan (I use them for decorating cakes, organizing spices, cleaning supplies everything!)

1 piece spatulas/parchment paper/Baker’s Joy 

Great Knife knifeFuri Chef Knife is My Fav

These are just a few of my favorite things to use in the kitchen.

What’s your “can’t live without” kitchen items?