Fried Green Tomatoes


Love, love, love Fried Green Tomatoes, however I have never made them before! Today, I faced my fears of frying and pulled out the Fry Baby, heated vegetable oil to 375 and got to frying!  I sliced the tomatoes a little thick, actually too thick! Poured buttermilk on top and then tossed with corn meal, flour and spices. Fried them for apx 6 mins each.


All measurements are approximate, as I didn’t really measure!

1 cup corn meal

2 T flour

garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika

4 springs of fresh thyme

Pour buttermilk on top of tomatoes, lightly toss tomatoes in corn meal mix and drop in hot oil. Cook apx 6 mins until golden brown. I served fresh goat cheese and palmetto cheese (pimento cheese) on the side. Enjoy!!