Earth Day! {Juice Pouch Brigade}

My good friend Erin over at The Mother Load has inspired me again!! She is a GREEN MAMA doing her part to keep the World a cleaner place! Please pop over and read about all the great things she is doing.
I honor of Earth Day I wanted to share with you that I am IN LOVE with TerraCycle. They are doing some amazing things with normally non-recyclable trash like juice pouches (see all the brigades HERE). They turn waste  into cool products like tote bags and coolers. See all the FUN stuff they make HERE.  Then they send a contribution for every pouch collected to the school or charity of your choice, they even pay the shipping!
I decided that the juice pouch brigade was PERFECT for Jack’s Pre-school and with Earth Day TODAY I thought this was a great time to introduce the kids (and parents) to the idea of upcycling.
Erin and myself challenge you to find a brigade that speaks to you and get it started! It is SUPER EASY, takes virtually no time to get it started and YOU will feel really good about being GREEN!!

Garden Planning!!!

SPRING IS HERE!! I have been obsessing about the garden and the layout has kept me up at night! You see last year (our 1st garden) Hubs just tossed it all in, no rhyme or reason. No method to his madness,  just a big clump of veggies! Not that it didn’t produce, it was like playing a game of Twister to get to the veggies!

This year that all changed! I researched lots of garden designs and styles and made a game plan PRIOR to planting! I think it is going to work out great! 
I planted 6 different kinds of tomato plants, 3 types of cucumbers, 4 kinds of peppers, lots of herbs, sugar snap peas, garden peas, cantaloupe, squash, strawberries, radishes, eggplant, beets, carrots and some mixed greens! Wooo-weeee!! I can’t wait till they start producing!!!  Everything is in the ground and I am praying that the nice weather stays with us and NO MORE FROST!

P4070033We have RED strawberries!!!
and GREEN tomatoes!! I counted 4.

And speaking of gardening and being GREEN. My blog is Carbon Neutral and there has been a TREE PLANTED for Mama Bird’s Nest!  Take a moment and JOIN NOW!!

1 blog = 1 tree


Do YOU have a garden, what’s growing?

xoxo, Mama Bird