Food on the Fly {MENU}


Freezer cooking is all the rage! Spend 2-3 hours with me and some friends and stock your freezer full of wonderful family friendly, foodie & kid approved meals. NO FILLERS


Just REAL food.


Email to set your date and plan your menu!!


Breakfast Burritos these are amazing!! Individually wrapped for a super easy grab & go breakfast packed with protein and your favorite ingredients!


Stuffed Shells:(f) ground turkey, spinach, herbed ricotta cheese topped with marinara

Baked Spaghetti:(f) this old school fav is a major crowd pleaser

Lasagna Rollups: (f, veg) herbed ricotta, fresh spianch, ovendried tomatoes topped with a pink vodka sauce

Lasagna: (f) choose from white chicken lasagna, traditional or all veggie

Lackey’s Ragu: (f, cp)  Kipper’s delish Italian sausage, white bean & spinach ragu ROCKS!


taquitos: (f) think about a chicken wing roll up! chicken, mild buffalo sauce, blue cheese crispy flour or corn shell (your choice)

burritos: (f, cp) choose from honey lime or sweet salsa both come with tortillas corn or flour and toppings

Ranchero Pork:(f, cp)  pulled pork Enchilada style with tortillas & toppings

King Ranch Chicken:(f) another old school fav

Taco Casserole:(f)  ground turkey, black beans, salsa make this layered taco bake yum-o


Italian Drip Beef (f, cp)

Pop’s Stew Beef (f, cp)

Dad’s best Meatloaf (f)

Maple Mustard Flank Steak (f)

Beer & bbq Flank Steak  (f)

Old School Country Fried Steak (f, cp)


Harvest Pork Loin (CP, F) diced apples, sweet potatoes,onion & pork

Franny’s Fav sherry & cinnamon loin (f)

Dad’s Pulled Pork (f, cp)

Mama’s Marinade (f)

Pepper Jelly Chops (f)

Cuban Pulled Pork with mango salsa (f, cp)


Mediterranean Chicken: (CP, F) chicken, butternut squash, garbanzo beans veg packed meal serve with cous cous and you have a perfect meal.

Greek Chicken: marniated & grilled chicken served with greek salad, pita & hummus

Mimi’s Chicken Pie (F)

Fuddy’s Cuban Chicken: one dish meal with cuban yellow rice, chicken, peas & green olives

Blushing Chicken: (f, cp) raspberry white wine sauce

Chicken Marbella the classic from Silver Palette

Tori Darlins’ Hot Chicken Salad (f) served with wild rice & peas

Soups/Stews & Chilis~ all perfect for the freezer & crock pot

White Chicken Chili

Fiesta Chili

Michelle’s Pumpkin Chili

Mema’s Potato/Tomato soup

Chicken tortilla

Italian Chicken Noodle

Potato Soup

Summer Bucket List {kids edition} 2013

UPDATE: 2013
This summer is going to be a fun one!

Can not believe my baby is going to be going to FIRST GRADE in 4 mos!!!
I am compiling a {wish} list of fun things to do in the unifour area as well as some great ideas for day trips. Some of these can be week day play dates and some will be reserved for our family! I really think they ALL lend well to either. Our theme this summer is   


{Local} Summer Fun
This place is great! We have a Membership $70/yr is so worth it! 
We go at least once a month! They have wonderful week long summer camps that have fun theme each week. 

Great pool and waterslide, can take your own picnic. Half price after 4pm AWESOME!

Haven’t been yet but Discovery Channel LOVES it. Great loco for a play date!

FUN!! We went last year and had a great time. They also have a carousel and play area
Haven’t been here yet either, looks fun.
Tough Enough Rodeo
a good old fashioned rodeo right in Caldwell County! Talk about family fun! This place is a hoot! My son LOVED it. Just a tidbit of info. It doesn’t get really rolling until almost 8 so be warned it might be a late evening but, it was worth it. EAT before you go, all they have is cotten candy and a few muchies

Carmike Movies
talk about a deal and an EASY & COOL way to spend a morning… Carmike does 2nd run movies on Thursday mornings for $4 includes the movie, drink, and snack

Day Trips {all around NC/SC}

Catawba Queen
Summer Storytime & Pirate Landing Mini Golf
this is the coolest thing!
 EVERY Tues & Thurs morning a 1 hr ride around the lake while hearing a story with milk & cookies!

Zootastic Park, Statesville/Troutman area
I had never even heard of this place until Groupon! Yipee got a 4pk for cheep! Fun day trip!! WE LOVED IT! Took a picnic,  a guide takes you around and tells you all about the anmials. Great place!

Also found this place from Groupon they had  2 for 1 special!! It is a TRUE campground. A little rough around the edges but, the kids LOVED it. Take a picnic, they have a huge pool, huge waterslide, putt-putt, paddle boats, canoes, horse shoes, all kinds of goodies! 

Tweetsie, Blowing Rock

Here is another place that with it only being 40 mins away a Season Pass is the way to go! You can take your own picnic, great fun rides that younger kids can enjoy!

Sliding Rock, Brevard, NC 
This is a place where I spent ALOT of time!! It is absolutely beautiful and I am soooooo excited to get a group of my best college friends together to take our families to enjoy the wonder of the Water Falls!! My best tip is go LATE in the summer the water is really, really COLD!! I think we will wait until July! 
New to me and appears to be fantab!! Hope to take a day trip with friends! Looks soooo fun!!
Tanglewood Park, Winston Salem
went here tons as a kid. Can’t wait to take Jack!
Heard fantab things about this place and look forward to meeting our friends here!!
NC Zoo, Asheboro
the zoo is great, Jack loves it and we will be going to visit j’s great gma this summer and will go again!
Had to include this as I have been told this is a great place. 
Not sure when we will work it in as it is a tish far about 2.5 hrs but I just love a zoo! 

going to a wedding in 2 weeks in Raleigh, thought we would check this place out!!
Discovery Place KIDS & Discovery Place Charlotte
This place is so cool! Gets super crowded but a great learning space for Pre-K through 2nd grade

NC Aquariums, Pine Knoll Shores
this is somewhere we plan to visit on our yearly trip to Ocean Isle, last year we went to the Myrtle Beach Aquarium and it was fine but, once is enough!  SO CROWDED and pricey for what it is.

Carowinds, Charlotte
Amusement Park, need I say more?

Grandfather Mountain, Linville
I am so excited to take Jack. I will highlight a few events they are doing for kids!

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
July 11-14, 2013
Highland Games, Celtic music & dancing, turkey leg, lots of kids actvities what more could you ask for? 

How are you keeping your little people busy this summer?
Coming up!! My Family Fun Guide to Ocean Isle
xoxo, mama bird

Power Rangers { wedding }


I am always so blessed to be a part of  celebrations. I even feel  more blessed to get calls from past clients to share in even more family celebrations!  I met these two when I was doing {} sister’s wedding last year. They were the taste testers!

The story that led to this cake is just so cute! B & G  have been best friends since they were little kids and they were obsessed with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He was the red, she the pink. This is my “grown up” Power Ranger cake with fondant pink & red flowers and hand made fondant Power Rangers.  The cake and cupcakes were Red Velvet with a cream cheese frosting.

IMAG3171 (1)

xoxo, Bird

Cause 6000

We are in full planning mode for this years Vacation Bible School! This years theme is Operation Overboard “Dare to GO DEEP with GOD!”.
Last night we had our first planning meeting and to go along with our “water” theme I am so excited to say that I shared my idea for our mission, CAUSE 6000. My dear friend, Deanna Bell’s daughter, Liz and her best friends, Ashley Stinson and Kayla Sutton started CAUSE 6000. Cause 6000 is a non profit to help the people of Guana have clean drinking water. After attending the DO GOOD experience in Atlanta, Ga in the summer of 2010 they left feeling empowered to DO GOOD!! I would say that having a goal that summer to raise $5,000 to build a well was doing good!! Now almost 2 years later these 3 girls along with lots of support from Christ Church in Hickory, NC  they have rasied $70,000 and built 12 wells. HOW AMAZING!!!! Kayla has just finished her freshman year of college, Ashley is heading to UNC-C and Liz to CAROLINA this fall, even with having all these big changes in their lives they are heading to Africa the end of June. Words can not express how proud I am to know these girls. I pray everyday that my child will make a difference in the life of others, what a fine example these girls are!!

Who are you to Judge?

I am so sad to hear that a local restaurant owner would feel this way but reconize that each person has the right to their own beliefs. With that being said I have had my last meal at Bistro 127.

The following is an email  I received and was written by a good friends father. I hesistate to share this but, feel I would be remiss if I didn’t.

In the course of trying to get some in kind donations for an event, one organization decided that a simple “no” didn’t suffice. Instead, we received a dissertation about homosexuality being wrong and how this particular business owner would NEVER support homosexuality.

So, in the same spirit, I believe that the Homosexual and gay friendly community should return the favor to this business and simply not support it…

Please consider this BEFORE you spend your money at BISTRO 127 or DAYLIGHT DONUTS in Hickory, NC.

And on a personal note:
Please join me and my family in voting against the discriminatory constitutional amendment on the May 2012 NC primary ballot that not only makes unconstitutional same sex marriage, but also outlaws civil union and domestic partnership for both same sex and heterosexual couples, even though the ballot only deceptively makes reference to marriage. Check out

The Birthday Project

tiffany box


Many, thanks to The Birthday Project

for inspiring me to do good deeds, random acts of kindness, spread the love, cheer others on, be positive, say please and thank-you, hold the door and SMILE

all in honor of my birth!

Wednesday, March 7th

Come back to see where this journey takes me, who I meet and the lessons I learn, the joy I share by truly giving of myself.

I am so excited!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Gilbert Wedding

gilbert color

I can not believe I haven’t posted this yet! WOW!! What a sweet couple to work with. Joe, the groom is a good friend of Hubs and he was a groomsman. I love that the bride went out of the box and went with COLOR!! She loves yellow and as bright as this looks on screen it was a really pale creamy yellow in person. I got all the flowers from my fav girls at the Farmer’s Market and hand cut and placed each flower. I was really pleased in how it turned out!!
gilbert 2 b&w

Welcome Tea {Pumpkin Dip}


Fantab centerpieces from Sally & Co


Pumpkin Dip with ginger snaps

Pumpkin Dip: easiest ever and so yummy!!

1 pkg pumpkin pudding

1 cup cold milk

1 t vanilla

1 80z cool whip

That’s it. Almost embarrassed to print it is that easy! It is super light a fluffy!


Vanilla cupcakes with sour cherry frosting



Lemon and Chocolate tarts

*recipe to follow!

xoxo, Mama Bird


Farm Day!! {Eat Local}

Catawba County’s Agri-Tourism

This Saturday, June 18th Catawba County is hosting a FREE Agri-Tourism Day! What an incredible way to share with children and adults alike not only where but how there food makes it to the table and how easy it is to eat locally!!!
Here are a few of my TOP PICKS on the Farm Tour!
RS Barn
Sipe Angus this is my favorite beef vendor by far! Check them out, fantab!!

Red Wolf Farm just looks like a wonderful place!! Can’t wait to see it.

Poovey Apiary as afraid as I am of bees I am in awe of them and have never seen a real beehive! I can’t wait!!

Windy Wool Wingdings 
For more info on the Catawba County Agricultural Family Farm Day visit Chickens on Camera. I hope to see you!!
xoxo, mama bird

Easter Special {Cupcake Sampler}

easter bunny

This EASTERS cupcake sampler will include 3 of the following: Sno White {vanilla}, Wicked Witch {choc}, Simply Red {red velvet} and Bunny Surprise. $24

All will be dressed and ready to go for your Easter celebration. Choose from kiddie fun or chic Easter.

Orders must be received by midnight on Wednesday. Specify if you want to pick yours up on Friday or Saturday. 

Order your families today!!

Mama Bird