Lazy 5 Ranch

Saturday we had “Family Day” and we went to the LAZY 5 RANCH in Mooresville, NC. This place is so awesome! It is a drive-thru or ride-thru ZOO! I personally like it much better as the wild-life is LITERALLY in your face!! It was such a great day, mid- November and it was 70+ degrees. I highly recommend visiting our friends at Lazy 5! Next time, we hope to go with friends and we will do the wagon ride! Can’t wait!!

The camera is not on zoom, this guy was an inch from me!

Check out the horns on this dude!

Love Giraffes!!

Jack LOVED looking at them all! Especially the baby deer!!

This fellas eyes just tripped me out

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch time!!! I love the fall and all the fun things that go with it. I have taken Little j to a “pumpkin patch” really just the front lawn at a local church covered in pumpkins the past two years but, now that he is a Big Boy it was high time we headed to a “real” patch! We went to Johnny Wilson’s Farm in Sawmills, NC it is about 25mins north of Hickory going up 321N. I have linked there website, though it has no info! It is a fantastic place. The family that owns it is so nice we got there almost a hour before they opened (as said I had no info) and they were as nice as can be! It’s $6 per person and that includes the tractor ride, corn maze, petting zoo, huge inflatable and a pumpkin! We had a blast! They also do school groups, parties and all sorts of fun stuff. We had a blast!! I will be adding Johnny Wilson’s Farm to my list of traditions! Thanks!!

j’s favorite~ tractor!

J & j in the Corn Maze