Comment Crack Whore?

Yep, that’s me.  Like the bird on a wire waiting to get my next fix!
Hello, my name is Mama Bird. I am a comment crack whore. It has been 3 mins since I checked to see if I had a new comment. Isn’t admitting if half the battle?  

I have it so bad that if I leave the computer to I don’t know cook, clean, take care of the babe, even tinkle I carry my crackberry! Last week the roller ball fell out said crackberry and I broke into a cold sweat! WHAT was I missing?  I called every mobile phone store in a 50 mile radius to learn that none of these providers carry the “ball”. I ordered a 3 pk so if this tragedy strikes again I will be prepared!  My heart is racing as I am typing this as I wonder who is reading me now? Am I going to be a famous blogger?

I started blogging this past fall and quickly found the Hot Flash Queen. She was calling  to me  the way that  bitty lady on Poltergeist called to Carol Anne… you know the one that squished and giggled when she walked… “Mama Bird  follow the light”. I did.

I am addicted. I NEED your comments! Don’t make me beg. But, I will.

Are comments your crack? Why don’t you join CCWA?