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What a wonderful thursday morning at MOMS. I left feeling stronger and more confident than before. I am really trying to truly let it go and give it all to God. I am confident that by giving all the doubts and worries to him that I will indeed be a better wife, mother, friend, person.

There is so much weighing on my heart and I truly believe God led me to these women because he knew there was something that each of them would teach me.

One of todays questions was what we it take to make you feel free. Free from Financial Black hole! And 3 hrs after class it totally hit me. The biggest burden I have is taking care of everything!  Home, groceries, cooking, cleaning. pool, garden, dogs, all sports, homework.  I am (trying to)  happy that hubs job is going so well. He provides for our family. I am just the extras. But my biggest confession is that I hate to pay bills. hate to deal with money. Hate to have to do EVERYTHING! so I made the executive  decision that I am done with the bills. DONE! I have to LET IT GO!!! I know by releasing this burden I will Feel a sense of relief but, I too will worry if all is ok with it but again I have to let something go and this is my 1st step toward letting a little CONTROL go. Wish Me Luck!!

xoxo, Mama Bird