Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope this day is special for us all.

To the Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, sisters, friends, to ALL the women who have made me the Mommy I am today


Thank you for showing me what to do

what not to do

and everything in between.

Thank you for being role models

Thank you for showing me that no one is perfect.

Thank you God

for putting these women in my life.

and for allowing me to be a Mother.

I prayed for him everyday for 34 years.

He was so worth the wait.

mother's day 

My Mother’s Day card from Jack age 5

All is right in my world

Blessed beyond belief.

I hope you too are BLESSED today.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Love- Kat & Jack

Happy Easter

jack easter 

hand sanitizer used as gel to fix wacked up hair $2

second hand outfit $4

photographer to capture this moment   PRICELESS

Last Friday was a teacher workday and I saw on Facebook (where else) that a little store was hosting a Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny. Jack &  I went and there was a photographer, Kathryn Cook Photography  taking pics with live bunnies. Now preface the story, we have been home lounging all day,  Jack had on a very large App State shirt and crazy plaid pants, yep he dressed himself!  The store hosting the Egg Hunt is a kids consignment store and  I grabbed this outfit! $4 for khaki pants and a seersucker shirt,no joke everything was 60% off!!!

I didn’t plan it.

I wasn’t expecting anything

look what got!

This beautiful moment, captured.

 He has hand sanitizer in his hair, someone else’s clothes on his back and he is beautiful. He is a Child of God and I am so incredibly lucky to be his Mother. Truly blessed. I didn’t think there was any chance that she had captured such a “frame worthy” pic. She snapped a couple and looked at me and said” I got it”. I am sure I made a strange face and said cool!

We just need one!

Isn’t that true?

Just one. 

One moment can change everything.

A new friend, a sweet pic to share with our family on Easter Sunday!

Blessed beyond belief.

Happy Easter!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Dear Son {jack age 5}


Jack you are 5 years old. It’s Fall and you are in kindergarten. You are bright eyed and always a bundle of energy. You wake up before sun up everyday, your feet (literally) hit the ground running. You love learning new things. You are obsessed with Duck Dynasty, Scooby Doo and Phineas & Ferb. You have lost 2 teeth. You are me made over! You say the funniest things! You call outfits, get-up’s. You question everything. You never stop talking! I love you more than anything in the world. You have brightened my life in everyway. Your favorite food changes weekly from popcorn to apples. You tell everyone you are allergic to peanut butter, your not. Prayer time is your favorite time to share.You pray for all your people, list every single family member from Mema down sometimes sorting between boy and girl. You laugh and laugh a lot. You are a gift from God and I am amazed everyday that I was blessed with you.  You LOVE life and you are AWESOME!

Love- Mommy

Super J’s party! {the food}

Not sure how I forgot to post about the yummy treats I made for j’s party!! I even made all my own printables! for the food and “super shot”! Pop on over to see the decor , all which I up-cycled from my garage or borrowed! And to see the invite I made!!

untitled shoot-2582

jumbo marshmallows dipped in white chocolate

& super sprinkles

untitled shoot-2693

“super” lunch bags

“HERO” sammies

carrots for x-ray vision

grapes for elasticity


power shots!

lime gatorade, dash of sprite & pop rocks!!!

kids LOVED them!!! BIG HITI

the cake!!

untitled shoot-2798

vanilla cake with vanilla cream frosting

untitled shoot-2847


famous chocolate with cream cheese frosting

Everything about this food was fun and worked perfectly with the “SUPER” theme!

Fun times! xoxo, mama bird

Thanks to Heather Machut Photography for taking the great pics!! <3

Tadpole and Lily {my boy is a model…}



Charlotte NC Children's Photographer Baby Newborn Family Portrait Photography


and MY BOY is a MODEL!!

Tadpole and Lily paired up with Anders Ruff and Becca Bond Photography  for their new collection.

Charlotte NC Children's Photographer Baby Newborn Family Portrait Photography

Anders Ruff , the amazing, designed adorable party printables for the photo shoot that included paper mustaches, matching banners, straw pendants, popcorn cups and so many other cute things. The collection is available in their Etsy shop. A carnival/circus themed party is perfect to throw anytime of the year!

Remember Jack’s Carnival Party? These are the women that made all the amazing printables for his BIG day!!


Jack loved being with all the pretty girls!

The beautifully, talented, Becca Bond Photography was absolutely amazing to work with! She took the most fabulous photos and the models just loved her. If you are local to the Charlotte area, you must contact her!
And for the main event: Tadpole and Lily, the children’s accessory company is not only introducing bow ties and neck ties for boys of all ages, but their new color collection for little girls. The Collections can be seen in select children’s boutiques in Charlotte, NC. The collections will also be available on Tadpole and Lily ’s NEWLY UPDATED website!!

Think I will have to get the Anders Ruff girls send me a mustache to put in j’s stocking! He loved it!

The boys collection brings design that echoes the season with fun colors and
textures that are sure to match your child’s clothes and any activity. This season’s bow tie and neck tie collection offers fabric patterns in plaid, stripes, polka dots, buffalo checks and paisley.
The three boy’s ties aren’t just a formed bow or knot; they are adjustable for size and bow. Each tie is hand cut and carefully sewn one at a time. The boy’s collection retails at $20 each.

Charlotte NC Children's Photographer Baby Newborn Family Portrait Photography

The little girls Collection features new colors that just match perfectly to the boy’s ties. What a perfect accessory for a family photo shoot, wedding or party.
Learn more about Tadpole and Lily at www.tadpoleandlily.com.

Charlotte NC Children's Photographer Baby Newborn Family Portrait Photography

The creators of Tadpole and Lily, Alex & Clair!

Are they not fun?

Any of you girls out there preggers? Check out Clair’s store The Bump Maternity I SOOOO wish  I knew them when I was pregnant!!

xoxo, Mama Bird 

aka newly crowned stage mom! My boy is a model!!  Maybe a reality show is in our future?!


Happy 4th Birthday!!

4 years ago today, I became a Mommy and my life has never been better! I can’t believe how he has grown!!


Aug 15, 2007


1st Birthday


2nd Birthday

jacks bday and skating 130

3rd Birthday


4th Birthday

WOW!! You look so BIG!!!

You are obsessed with Super Heros

Fav Color is orange

You love watching cartoons,

swimming in the pool,

playing with your buddies!

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

Love- Mommy


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Super J turns 4!!! {invitation}

I am trying my hand at party invitations and started with Super Jack’s 4th Birthday!! He wanted a Super Hero Party, specifically Spiderman, He is OBSESSED! So, without further ado here is Super J’s Party Invitation.

What do you think?
Want me to design you next party?
xoxo, Mama Bird

Art in the Park {jack’s art}


Loving the Rainbow

Every Spring, 1st Pres Pre-school has

“Art in the Park” this is where the kids (really the teachers schlep all the stuff out and hang it via clothes pins in massive April winds!) display their lovely art work for all the school to see, along with the town!

This year was a little random, with pumpkins and snowmen but, still it was all cute. Here are a few highlights of my precious boy, Jack age 3. ART.



j’s is the 2nd from the left. The Halloween themed canvas!


Snowman (mulch) Graveyard

xoxo, Mama Bird