Happy Home

I had to share this great idea that I saw via Roots & Wings, via SugarDoodle, via  Chicken Babies who is the ORIGINAL creator of the Happy House.


How cute is this?  I love the idea of sharing with your children how building each other up is a great thing. Jack just turned 3 and the MIL gave Hubs all his old legos! What a perfect time to build our own Happy House!

I am sharing this with everyone I know! In fact I think it would be a great thing to do with j’s class. I really feel like showing them the concept of what a finished product looks like and then breaking it down and allow them to build it back up by building up their friends, using their manners, being good listeners, sharing, all great ways for them to learn. I just LOVE it!! I think I will make something fun for them next week. Hum? What to build that boys and girls will get excited about? I will have to think…. Will re-post with the school one next week.

Have a great week/end Labor Day! We are heading to the BEACH!! Praying Earl doesn’t wreck havoc.

xoxo, Mama Bird

MY son….

We celebrated j’s 3rd Birthday a few weeks ago and I thought I would write about him. Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy!

jacks bday and skating 129

Jack {age 3}

You are so full of LIFE! You look at EVERYTHING as if it is the 1st time. There is a LIGHT in your eyes that I pray never, ever gets blown out. Your smile is contagious, your laughter lightens the mood in any room. You are so smart I am concerned, will be able to keep up? Your energy level is so HIGH that IF it could be bottled we’d be millionaires. You are so mischievous and stubborn and never give up. You are a dare devil and yet scared all at the same time. You will do AMAZING things. When you get bored you are DANGEROUS! You look so much like me when I was your age it is FREAKY! (and NO you don’t look like a girl!) and you ACT a lot like me too! You are my WILD CHILD!

I am so BLESSED to be your Mommy!


Hey Day!! {Teacher Gift}


Friday was “HEY DAY” at pre-school! A time for the kids to go in and see their new classroom and meet the teacher. I thought it would be a nice idea to take a little something.I bought 2 boxes of Altoids Mints, wrapped them in this cute polka dot paper and attached a little note that said “YOU WERE MINT TO TEACH!” Very inexpensive, yet a thoughtful way to say “HELLO”!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Jack’s Birthday INSPIRATION!!

The INVITES arrived and I am SO excited!! Ander’s Ruff did an amazing job!  If you need invites you must check these local girls out! They have fantab party packages! I have already picked out my next party!!

I can’t hold out so I am going to share the “logo” as the invite is the jumping off point for the whole theme of the party!!


Here is some of the fun stuff I found for inspiration!

Carnival-11 circusbirthdayparty_2   circus tent pinata     candy table

the sweetest occasion gift bagspopcorn

clockwise from top left; Gigi & Lulu, Kara’s Party Ideas, Celebrations at Home, Yo Yo Gifts (etsy), The Sweetest Occasion,  Mommy & Me (etsy).

What do you guys think?  This is the first year Jack has invited all his buddies from pre-school. His 1st birthday was in the middle of our move, his 2nd was just family and this year we are going to have a backyard full of little people! I can not wait to get this party started!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Independence Day Parade


Today we participated in a 4th of July Parade at the library! It was so great to see all the strollers, wagons, bikes, trikes and big wheels! I made a quick trip to the dollar store and voila the Decked out Hooptie Radio Flyer!!

P1010234 The HIGH POINT of Jack’s Day…P1010255meeting a FIREMAN!!

How are you celebrating Independence Day?

Friday~ Pool, Baseball Game & Fireworks!

Saturday~ Family Cookout & Pool Party

Sunday~ Lake, FRIENDS, Cookout & FIREWORKS!!

Monday~ REST by the POOL!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!


xoxo, Mama Bird

What Jack’s Eating


URS is doing a great recipe swap this week called “LUNCH BOX LOVE”. Jack is 2 1/2 and he goes to pre-school and I try everyday to pack his lunch with love.


I can’t put cute notes is yet since he a a bit young to read but I do pack a healthy lunch with a few daily staples. He always has:

1. yo-yo (yogurt)

2. milk box (he loves choc milk and when he has lunch away this is a treat)

3. fresh fruit (he would live on fruit alone!)

Then I add either egg salad, pb&j, pimento cheese or some sort of sammie and a veggie (lima beans, peas, or carrots are a few of his favs).

It isn’t fancy but, it works. He likes it and I feel good about knowing that he is eating healthy fresh food. 

What do you have for lunch?


Love Bug

love bugThis is MY LOVE BUG!

2009Nov26 028a 

We are hoping to get to the CIRCUS tomorrow, however it has been snowing for the past 7 hrs! I am going to be so bummed if we can’t get there!! What is up with the freaking weather? It has snowed EVERY Friday for 3 weeks! I live in the South for goodness sakes! We haven’t EVER had this much snow. Is it  Global Warming?  Cross your fingers for me!

mixer love

What’s Baking?

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

recipe & pics to follow.


Valentine’s Lollipops

P2021860I was looking through Valentine’s Ideas when I saw that Trendy Treehouse  did a great post and I was super excited to find Roots & Wings Co who posted this great recipe for Nana’s Suckers. I had never made suckers before but these were so cute that I had to give it a try. I had a little trouble finding sucker  molds. I didn’t have time to order the snazzy stainless steel ones they had so mine are a lot thinner. I think they turned out quit well. Especially since I had never even used a candy thermometer!! Thanks to the Sisters over at Roots & Wings Co I am in love and think I will be making suckers for every holiday!!
I halved the recipe. I only had 1 mold (5 lollipops) and this recipe made about 15 pops.
1 c sugar
1/4 c light karo syrup
1/4 c water
Bring to 260 degrees on a candy thermometer and then add coloring (I like the paste) and when it hits 290 take off heat and add flavoring. I used cherry.
This is what it looks like just as you need to remove it from the heat!! P2021864This is how I am going to give them to Jack’s Class.