Birdie’s Glow

No filter, in a bathroom, at night. 43 years old. Think I’m aging fairly well. Thoughts? 

So, I don’t know about you but my skin had already taken a beating from the heat & humidity. I have a pool and my son swims daily and competes so we are at the pool, outside all the time! I mixed the most amazing little concoction tonight and I gotta tell ya. My skin feels like a newborn babies! 

Here’s what I used:

Mixed a little coconut oil with the Limelight by Alcone Scrubtini Sugar Scrub massage on my face for about 3 mins washed off with warm water and then applied 2 drops of Must Dew Skin Oil. Can you say HEAVEN? It’s like a Microdermabrasion without going to get a high priced treatment!! Score! And what makes this even better is the Scrubtini gives a killer shave and is an amazing body scrub! 

Want to try my secret to glowing summer skin? I’ll send you a sample! 

Xoxo, Mama Bird 

Bye bye makeup! 

How do you say bye-bye to your makeup? Well, if I’m feeling lazy or just plain worn out, which is most nights let’s just admit that now! The make off remover wipes by LimeLight by Alcone are by far the best I’ve ever used. And y’all I’ve tried a ton of them. Expensive ones, mid grade, store brands, baby wipes you name it and these are top notch. They feel like cloth and are huge! Moist enough to get every shred of makeup off. ALL of it. None of the other brands I’ve tried ever actually get all the makeup off. My white washcloth always had makeup residue. Not now! And the box you get 24 for $12.95 or 80 for $30 

Did I mention they also remove stains from your clothes? Hey hey, another multi use product!! No wonder all the celebs carry them in their bags! 

I am an independent Lead Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone you can click the makeup icon to the right to visit my site. 

I don’t use it because I sell it. I share it because I LOVE IT! 

Xoxo, Mama Bird