Lu Mar


A new friend over at Stir Fry Awesomeness wrote about her Mom taking her to a Witch Doctor (which made me laugh out loud)  and it got me thinking about cure-all’s and  this came to mind. It seems funny to me I don’t know what you guys think?

Yes, you read it correctly I said LuMar. This is the  products that Tina (the Mother, who does not have internet access and I will have free reign to make fun of ) used to cure everything.  Literally. 

LuMar  is this odd (when I say odd, I am not kidding!)smelling green  cream that no one I know appears to have heard of. My Mema  (who I wonder if one of her blue hair buddies cook this up in their basement) used it on everything, Tina in turn used it on everything! Sunburns, bee stings, blisters, chapped skin, skinned knees, you name it.

At some point, I must have been 9 or 10  decided that I hated my freckles. (my face was covered)  They got me some book about a girl who had freckles and I think the moral of the story was that all the unique ugly freckles  dots/spots, are what make you YOU. Well, I wasn’t buying it. I wanted those things gone. Tina drug guided me to the bathroom and busted out the LuMar. She painted that green cream on all over my face. Told me the green cream would neutralize those red spots. Thinking back this may have been one of her more truthful moments.  

Funny thing is I asked Mema to get me some of the “magic” last year and Santa kindly popped a jar in my stocking! And, I have used it on my now “age spots”(wish they were freckles!) , zits, diaper rash, and all sorts of other boo-boos.

This crazy voo-doo green goo works MAGIC.

Do you have Magic Potion?