Mountain Getaway!!

Hot diggity dog!! Mountains here we come!! Tonight Hubs and I will be in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with some of our favorite people!! We are staying at a house that truly has everything! Hot Tub, pool table, game room, movie theater!!! SIKED!! This will be the 1st time we have been away together since my besties Wedding that was a YEAR AGO in MAY! Can you say Mommy & Daddy NEED a Vaca???
Did I mention that RAY is calling for the area to “hunker down for 10-14 inches of SNOW”. Holy Holly!  I mean, crap, poo, what the #%!!? 
I know anyone who isn’t in the South is thinking huh? A foot of snow is alot for us!!  We don’t have the equipment to deal with this much snow. Oh well, I am packing scrabble, the wii, uno cards and wine (lots of wine)!
I am in charge of Friday’s dinner and since everyone will be not be arriving until around dinner I thought I would make something that would travel well and could be made ahead. G’s FAV Lasagna would be perfect! A fresh salad and some garlic bread.

My Fav Salad: so simple~ mixed greens, diced pear, red onion (sliced thin), goat or gorgonzola cheese & balsamic vinaigrette.

Can’t wait to post some SNOW pics!!

Mama’s Travels

It was that time again, Mama needed a vaca, a night away from the Nest. My dear friend from college lives in Asheville, NC which also happens to be one of my favorite places to go! It isn’t a long car ride~ it’s just far enough to feel like I am away! I try to always get to Asheville in the fall as it is the most amazing sight. The leaves changing in the mountains of North Carolina is like no other.
We have a sort of ritual on these GIRLS ONLY trips, we shop, gossip, eat & drink. I love checking out downtown and this year we made a special visit to the needlepoint store as Ses and I have decided we needed a hobby and after our MB trip Al inspired us to take up needlepoint. We are driving into our new hobby full force and I have already started on mine~ what should someday become a Christmas pillow for j’s room. Hopefully, I will finish this before he gets into double digit yrs and thinks it is bo-bo to have a Christmas pillow with little animals in his room!
We had lunch at Carmel’s located at the Grove Arcade I had a Fried Green Tomato Sammie that was ok, nothing special. We then went for pre-dinner cocktails at the Grove Park Inn, boy I love the massive fire place and the view is again wonderful. Then after primping we hit the Bohemian Hotel Love, love, love!!! We ate dinner at the Red Stag Grill. Good gravy the Calamari app was some of the best I have ever had and the Wedge Salad, who doesn’t love a good wedge topped with caramelized bacon? yummy! Kiki had the fillet topped with blue cheese~ wonderful. The whole place was just great. I highly recommend any young, hip, modern girl or any girl wanting to feel young, hip & modern this is the place to stay. LOVE!!!