Thankful Thursday


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Thankful for…

Duck Dynasty here is WHY not to mention my son LOVES it!

Bacon cause right now it smells so good right now!

Microwave without which the above wouldn’t happen on a week day!


MOMS my weekly bible study, that sadly is ending today. It has made this year possible.


ERIN CONDREN planner, finally after years and years and years of searching for the perfect planner this one is  the best! I love it!!

What are you are feeling Thankful for?

xoxo, Bird


2013 the year of transformation



My oldest and first friend of mine, Denise, of Wellness Charlottesville and The Dee Dee Stewart Project has agreed to take me on as her most challenging ( I am only assuming,since she knows me personally) client yet. You see Dee does not just tell you how and what to eat. She works on the WHOLE you. We are going to the core the root of the problems. What causes my weight to yo-yo so and how am I going to end this cycle for good? Dee is going to me my guide through what is for some odd reason a really scary transformation. I have always found a way to lose weight, look and fel great and yet the little demon in the shadows always comes back. Bastard.  

I EAT to celebrate, I eat when I morn. Eat mostly to fill a void a void that was created way, way back when and I know why I know how it works. Sometimes I mange it well. Sometimes not at all. So 2013 is going to be the year. The year that I break the cycle the year that I just throw it all out there, accept life for what it is, what it can be and what I can do about it. It is the year about me. I am going to be 40 in 3 months. How did I get here? How shall I proceed?

I am going to Succeed. I will be “meeting” with Coach Dee weekly and will be doing all sorts of challenges getting my entire life in order, lots of things to sort through. De cluttering, removing all the cob webs.

I will be sharing it ALL here, the good, the bad the ugly the TRUTH about what I am doing and what I ate.


I am ready to change,

I am ready to be the best me that there is to be.

xoxo, Mama Bird

{what is} saving my life? pills

I came across a blog the other day of Sarah Bessey, she posed the question What is saving your life right now?  Sadly my current answer would be Ambien.

Yes, I am a total stress box. I can not shut my brain off! I am praying for guidance, stress relief, sleep. I am praying that I don’t make the wrong decision. When I had my son it was the best day of my life but little did I know if I had just had him 2weeks later none of this…

do I send him?

do we wait?

is he ready?

is it better to be oldest?

someone has to be the youngest, right?

DOES it really matter?

Is it obvious that he is my first, my only? Am I nitpicking it all on the eve of gotta make a decision and pay someone? I am not ready to send him. ANYWHERE! We have been together all summer and all last year as I taught preschool and he was there everyday I got to see everything, missed nothing, I am FREAKING out and honestly for you that know me I am SHOCKED that I am feeling this way!!

So as Sarah Bessey asked what is saving my life? Right this moment it’s AMBIEN and it’s kicking in so I am off to hopefully a good nights rest. I will worry about it all again tomorrow.

xoxo, Mama Bird 

blogging > camping

I just read a great post on Tips for a Better Blog and really took into account what Jen was saying. You know I really want to be a big time blogger. I would love to have zillions of people cooking dinner with me! But, like everything else in my life I am so random! I have 3 jobs ( teach preschool, bake and cater, and do amazing hair color!) am a Mom to a freaking wild 4 yr old who is as busy as a bumble bee, wife to a cranky yet good as gold to put up with me, my mood swings, crazy harebrained  ideas, spastic  & ocd ways. Bless him. He works all the time, is rarely home, would rather hunt, fish, play in the woods, seriously he is country. He likes to camp and be dirty. My idea of camping is staying at a cheep hotel. I kid you not, I am not a camper, never have been, never went as a kid, never.  I  have no desire at this age to sleep anywhere that isn’t as pleasant as my own bed. Really. I went to tons of Forest Parties, backpacked across Europe, slept in hostels, and went to summer camp! But at not yet 40. Ahh, NO thank-you anyway. I am good.

Some of Jen’s tips really hit home I am going to try and take her tips and see if I too can grow my blog. What do you think?

Ta Ta for now- Bird

The Birthday Project

tiffany box


Many, thanks to The Birthday Project

for inspiring me to do good deeds, random acts of kindness, spread the love, cheer others on, be positive, say please and thank-you, hold the door and SMILE

all in honor of my birth!

Wednesday, March 7th

Come back to see where this journey takes me, who I meet and the lessons I learn, the joy I share by truly giving of myself.

I am so excited!

xoxo, Mama Bird

39 candles on my Birthday cake


I am so excited to have seen The Birthday Project on pintrest!! I have been really kinda blue about my birthday, which is odd as typically I try to milk it for the entire month!! This year I am doing something that I know will bring me joy and I hope that it will bring 40 others a little unexpected joy as well. No, I am not yet 40, but  as a kid I always had 1 extra candle to celebrate one to grow on!! Now. I say why not have that one extra to celebrate what is to come?!

39 Acts of Random Kindness to celebrate my 39th Birthday!!
Wednesday, March 7th which happens to bed the day of the week I was born!
I am going to see how far I can spread my birthday cheer!
Robyn, the creator of The Birthday Project had 300 people share the Acts they did!!
Will YOU share with me?
Have ideas on what I should do?
PLEASE leave a comment and come back to see my LIST!

Photo Challenge Day 1

Fat Mum Slim is doing a really fun photo challenge! I just read about it today and since its only the 2nd I thought Why not do it? I have seen others, but now I am just jumping in on the January Challenges!!

Day 1: ME

untitled shoot-2608

I am a Mama, hair guru, pre-school teacher, baker, chef, party planner, wine lover, designer, jack of all trades, Master of none! xoxo, mama bird