Photo Booth {Carnival Car}


What Carnival would be complete without a Photo Booth? I had one at my wedding reception and it was so much fun! I have 2 or 3 Polaroid  cameras and think it will be so cute to snap pics of all the kids. I wanted to have a backdrop and since the party is outside I thought I could make one of those cut-out stands where they can put their heads in. So, I busted out the paint and brushes and went to work! I did a carnival car with 3 places to cut-out (Hubs will do that part!). This is my FAVORITE thing that I have made thus far! It is just so dang cute!! What do you think??

xoxo, Mama Bird

Lollipop Tree

How stinking cute is this Lollipop Tree?! I LOVE how it turned out. Found this great bucket at the dollar store along with the aqua paper shreds for the bottom. Bought a foam tringle shaped tree from Hobby Lobby, painted it RED and added some cute ribbons and a #3 at the top. Decorated with some cute red & blue gumballs.

Tip Junkie handmade projects xoxo, Mama Bird

It’s almost here….

Jack’s 3rd Birthday!!

Everyday this week is dedicated to an element of Jack’s upcoming CARNIVAL PARTY! Today I am going to share the party hat! I covered an old Dora hat with the red and white stripped fabric and then put fuzzy balls all around the bottom and took ribbon and made the #3 and the backdrop for the number! Isn’t it cute?!


xoxo, Mama Bird

Happy Birthday S! {Skateboard Cake}

S is turning 9 and he loved the Orange Cream Cake I made for his Mom so much that he requested it as his Birthday cake!!
I baked the cake in a 9×13 cake pan and then carved the skateboard shape.  For the wheels I used chocolate covered doughnuts.
Here is a pic of his skateboard and the inspiration for the cake.

 Birthday Cake on FoodistaBirthday Cake

Jack’s Birthday INSPIRATION!!

The INVITES arrived and I am SO excited!! Ander’s Ruff did an amazing job!  If you need invites you must check these local girls out! They have fantab party packages! I have already picked out my next party!!

I can’t hold out so I am going to share the “logo” as the invite is the jumping off point for the whole theme of the party!!


Here is some of the fun stuff I found for inspiration!

Carnival-11 circusbirthdayparty_2   circus tent pinata     candy table

the sweetest occasion gift bagspopcorn

clockwise from top left; Gigi & Lulu, Kara’s Party Ideas, Celebrations at Home, Yo Yo Gifts (etsy), The Sweetest Occasion,  Mommy & Me (etsy).

What do you guys think?  This is the first year Jack has invited all his buddies from pre-school. His 1st birthday was in the middle of our move, his 2nd was just family and this year we are going to have a backyard full of little people! I can not wait to get this party started!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

J’s 1st Birthday

Cupcake-Tuesday-3 A dear friend asked me to make her grandson’s FIRST birthday cake! She was so excited to have him, his Mommy & Daddy home for a visit and the BONUS of a Birthday  party was just too fun!!

BirthdayBibNew She shared with me a great bib she found at Jenny’s, one of our favorite gift shops, it was the perfect inspiration for the cake!! I made baby j his own personal cake with orange fondant stripes and blue polka dots and cupcakes for all the family and friends with #1 in fondant and sprinkles!

I just LOVE a BIRTHDAY and the FIRST one is Super Special!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!!


xoxo, Mama Bird

Ben’s Batman Birthday!


Happy, Happy  BELATED Birthday to Ben!           Ben’s Mommy is a great friend of mine and due to the amazing amounts of SNOW we have had we are FINALLY getting to CELEBRATE Ben’s 4th Birthday!! He is really into Batman right now so I had a great time making these. We made Ben his own cake and all his friends get cupcakes!  I used fondant to make all the bats, his name & the 4!  I am still a novice with the fondant but, I am getting better!



What’s Baking?

mixer love

ALIEN Cupcakes!


Valentine’s Lollipops

P2021860I was looking through Valentine’s Ideas when I saw that Trendy Treehouse  did a great post and I was super excited to find Roots & Wings Co who posted this great recipe for Nana’s Suckers. I had never made suckers before but these were so cute that I had to give it a try. I had a little trouble finding sucker  molds. I didn’t have time to order the snazzy stainless steel ones they had so mine are a lot thinner. I think they turned out quit well. Especially since I had never even used a candy thermometer!! Thanks to the Sisters over at Roots & Wings Co I am in love and think I will be making suckers for every holiday!!
I halved the recipe. I only had 1 mold (5 lollipops) and this recipe made about 15 pops.
1 c sugar
1/4 c light karo syrup
1/4 c water
Bring to 260 degrees on a candy thermometer and then add coloring (I like the paste) and when it hits 290 take off heat and add flavoring. I used cherry.
This is what it looks like just as you need to remove it from the heat!! P2021864This is how I am going to give them to Jack’s Class.