Wonderpot: A perfect Meatless Monday


Oh wow!

Can you say WONDERPOT?

Perfect for a Meatless Monday

and NO ONE will miss the meat, I promise!!

This is just insane for so many reasons!

It’s super quick to make, minimal ingredients, can be switched up easily and tastes delish!!

32 oz chicken broth
1 lb spaghetti. linguini or bucatini (my fav) noodles, avoid thin spaghetti or angel hair as they will cook too fast and get mushy!
28 oz can diced tomatoes with basil & oregano
2 T olive oil
1 sweet onion, sliced thin
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 c sliced mushrooms
1/2 bag fresh spinach (mine was bad, will use next time)
several shakes of red pepper flakes


Put it all in the pot, making sure everything is submerged in liquid, if not add a little more broth or water.
Bring to a boil, cut down to medium and simmer for apx 15 mins with lid on,
stir every few mins.
It makes its on sauce, which thickens and gains flavor as it sits!!
Allow the pasta to “rest” for apx 5-10 mins prior to serving.
This is truly a find!!
I topped mine with crumbled feta, fresh thyme & chopped black olives.
It was awesome!!
and gave it a Greek feel which my family loves.
Feel free to top with your fav toppings.

Enjoy the wonderpot! It really is a one pot wonder and it will be a fixture on my menu plan!!


and it’s SO EASY


xoxo, Mama Bird

Here comes Peter Cottontail {pintrest party}


This months Girl’s Night/ Pintrest Party was inspired by Rain on a Tin Roof. I just adored her glitter bunny  and i too had pinned the same exact others that she had  gotten inspiration from! (great minds must think alike!)  It is always so much fun to see how each canvas turns out! A few girls painted their bunnies and the others used fabric (which I loved). I had found a ribbon with yellow and gray that was my inspiration for the color pallet. 





bunny template


yarn, for tail

ribbon, for hanging

fabric, ribbon, or paper  to create bunting

I painted yellow stripes, I placed painters tape on the canvas leaving about 3 finger width between each strip of tape, I used a butter yellow and allowed it to dry, then I added a bunch of water to the remnants of the yellow paint and did the stripes between the same tone of yellow, just much lighter.  Then I traced the 2 bunnies with a pencil on my canvas and painted them gray. I made the bunting by cutting various pieces of fabric in triangles and hot glued them on the twine. I used yarn to make the fluffy tail and used leftover fabric, cut it into 3 stripes and braided it to make a really different kind of hanger. I adore how it turned out!!



xoxo, mama bird