Table Up-cycling

Before: Mimi’s telephone table. Nice but ordinary. Wouldn’t you say?


After: SO much cuter. Personality. I used spray paint. Red Cherry (I believe? Krylon) Sprayed 2 coats and it just looked fantab! You can still see the wood grain, it just looks so much better!! I think Mimi would probably “cuss” me for painting it! But, never the less. I love it! 

xoxo. mama bird

Brass to Sass {mantel makeover}

candlesticks b4

A collection of “hand-me down” candle sticks that have great design, but icky brass! Thanks to a lovely can of gray primer and my fav creamy white, Hotel Churchill Vanilla from Lowes.
They went from brass to SASS!

birds b4
These birds or maybe they are the pheasants? Sat on the entry way table at my Mimi’s house my entire life. She claimed I used to pet them as a little girl and talk about how I loved them and that when I got BIG and had a house of my own they would come live with me! Well, they did and of course I had to spruce them up a bit and as I am referring  to this spring/summer as my red & white phase.
I too gave these a dull coat of gray primer and a fresh coat of Churchill Vanilla.
I just love how they all turned out. A crisp fresh mantel. 

birds after
Sorry for the crummy cell phone pics!
Happy UPcycling!!

xoxo, mama birdTip Junkie handmade projects

Color… {chalkboard paint}

I can not wait for this craft project! I just. found COLOR chalkboard paint. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before?!


I am going to paint one wall in the playroom mercantile red  mercantile%20red

and in the kitchen I am going to paint the short wall between the entry to the next room .

 italian%20kitchen                  bakery%20green

   itailian kitchen                 bakery green

Which one do you guys like best? My kitchen is a pumpkin color with black and stainless.

The loco for the board will be perfect as it is where I have a current message board and calendar. It will be great to be able to jot messages as well as grocery list.

Big Boy Room {part 1: fabrics}

Jack is about to turn 3 and it is time that I update the current nursery to a big boy room. He is still sleeping  in his crib and I shutter to think how this transition is going to go! In my mind expect the worst and it can never actually be that bad, RIGHT? 

I have all sorts of ideas and have decided that I am going to start with the bedding and build around that. This is where you guys come in! I’d LOVE to know what you think and I am giving you some very different things to look at and consider. Hubs will be building his bed and my great friend and artist is going to help me paint a mural!!! I do want to do a room that will allow for growth, not something I am going to have to turn around and redo in 2 years.

My first thoughts on a room would incorporate the outdoors, maybe cabin chic?  With the mural I want to do trees, water, sky, very earthy/whimisical. 

Here are my top picks!!

#1 Ivy League madras plaid

bed ivy league

#2 Sageberry Creek Beach Plaid

 bed sageberry creek

#3 Blue Camo  (could get old?)

bed pe camo#4 Western Star

bed star#5 Fishy Fish (cute, may not grow as well)

bed fish#6 Urban plaid

bed urban   

I love/like them all and can vision a fantab room around all of these!!

What’s your fav, thoughts, ideas?

xoxo, Mama Bird