Drumroll Please….

new yr 2011

Oh my goodness! It has been a full year since I wrote the 21 things I wanted to accomplish in 2010! And now it is 2011!! So, without too much pomp and circumstance I think I will go with the fun number of 21 again!

21 things in 2011

1. Learn how to use my CRICUT CAKE
2. Continue to build Mama Bird’s Nest cake and catering biz
3. pick a cookbook for each month and cook 1 new recipe a week!
4. DE-CLUTTER pick 1 day a week while Jack is at pre-school to be my “clean-out” day
5. read for pleasure, start a book club? Read a book a month ( I read a total of 5 books last year, good start!)
6. go to the movies
7. Date Night, once a month
8.  BE GREEN (continue spreading the Juice Box Brigade!)
9. Once a month Family Outings!! (ck next week for my plans!!)
10. Back to Meal Planning!! (saves time & MONEY!!)
11. Paint kitchen and do something with family room paneling
12. Paint Shutters
13. Landscape yard
14. Lose the last 20 lbs. I have lost 60+ pounds since March!!!!!!!!
15. Pay it forward!
16. Potting train Trixie our new Laberdoodle  puppy! may need all new flooring!!
17. Plan garden and get seedlings planted EARLY!!
18. be more involved in places I am passionate about
19. Listen more, talk less
20. write with a purpose; share fun, food & parties on Mama Bird’s Nest, get more followers!!!

What’s on your 2011 List?

xoxo, Mama Bird

21 Things to Do in 2010

If you are anything like me you my too be thinking where the heck has the time gone? 2010? Good grief, I am not much of a resolutions kind of girl, as they seem to much I set way to many and end up feeling that I let myself down. So, this year I am more into Goal Setting. I like to set goals that are somewhat attainable so that I can “feel good” about the Goals I am hoping to achieve. This is a list of things that must get done, could stand to get done and it sure would be nice if it did happen!…. drumroll please…
21 THINGS TO DO in 2010!!
MARCH RE-CAP * = in progress
*1.pick a cookbook for each month and cook 1 new recipe a week!
*2.DE-CLUTTER pick 1 day a week while Jack is at pre-school to be my “clean-out” day
(I have a HUGE goodwill pile, huge!)
*3. read for pleasure pick a book and blog about it (on 3rd book)
4. go to the movies (still haven’t been)
5. make photo album for 2009. Now I must keep up for 2010
6.reduce, reuse, recycle! GREEN is the new black!
7. date night once a month and a playdate for Jack
*8. continue to do my Weekly Meal Planing
9. walk regularly
10. Take fun family day trips once a month (Feb~Circus,snow) March- Curious George Live!
11. double the size of my garden
12. landscape yard
13. re-start up dinner club and keep it going! (slack friends)
14. get more active at church
15. paint shutters on house
16. potty train Jack
17. Have extended family meals once a month
18. Change Jack’s Room from baby to boy! sad….he’s growing so fast!!
19. Paint and re-do Master Bedroom  Filoli Ballroom (an awesome green/blue) 1/9
20. Do a few things for myself, and NOT feel guilty about it!
21. Be nicer to Hubs, he is such a great Dad I give such a hard time!
And of course, Lose Weight
BIG NEW JOURNEY starts on March 8th!!