Fried Chicken 

I posted on Facebook last night that I was in search of some great fried chicken right here at home. In Hickory, NC who makes some tasty chicken? I mean I love the Bo and all but, Jack & I had been talking about fried chicken and decided we would add this to our search. And boy lots of my peeps shared their favorite spots. Mountain Fried Chicken, which I had never even heard of came up more than anywhere else. And after a quick Google search I was able to locate and see that they indeed were open on Sunday! So yeah we had a lunch plan after church, which can be a real issue. We are horrible at picking a place! 

We arrived about 12:40 and there was a line out the door! What? Well, it moved really fast at this no frills spot. It’s a bit shabby, plastic silverware, foam plates, packaged lemon for the tea! Hush your mouth, this is a sin in my opinion. However, for good food I’m willing to deal with the fake lemon. Once, but really in the south you gotta have good tea & real lemon. Anyhoo, you order cafeteria style, choose how many pieces of chicken along with what cut. I’m a single breast girl.  J had 2 legs, and hubs had thigh & leg. The chicken was great. Just like the tag line on the sign said, “It’s not greasy”, it wasn’t. Very moist even the breast, crunchy outside, great flavor. Very good. We all ordered different sides, my plate pictured above was by far the most monochromatic and not my typical plate! Mashed potatoes were really peppery, baked apples were not too mushy or cinnamony which was good with me! The green beans seemed to be straight out of the can. Pintos (I don’t eat them) boys said were good and both enjoyed the potato wedges. Chicken is definitely why you’re going to go here and you’ll be happy. Next time I’d probably get a box of chicken to take home and have my own sides.

Mountain Fried Chicken is open daily and the staff was very nice. They have daily specials and off 10% off on Sundays with your church bulletin (dang it I tossed mine in the recycle bin!) next time. 

What did you have for Sunday lunch? 

Pinching Lobsters

Stacy's Lobster Photo

In a strange way I think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world. Not because I am wealthy or beautiful or extreamly smart or talented, (cause I’m not) but because I know so many freaking people!! And not just know of but, really I KNOW so many people. I have lived in 9 cities, 2 of them twice, attended 3 high schools and 4 colleges, really. I have worked in too many salons to even count. What does all this mean? well, with my need to connect and facebook to thank for the fact that I know what most of these people are doing, what their kids/pets look like, where they vacation and what they are doing to leave their mark on the world!

Tonight I introduce you to Dax Santi a Hickory boy that is cute and funny and SO WORTH READING!!! Dax recently published his own novel.


 Pinching Lobsters  A failed marriage proposal sends a man off the deep end, where he forms and unlikely bond – with a lobster.

Dax started a kickstarter project and if you pledge a dollar he will tweet you! For $5 you can download the book!!! Pop on over and check out a very talented friend!! Tweet Dax tell him Mama Bird sent ya!!

Frush {review & tasting party}

Yogurt, a staple in Lunchbox love, breakfast, lunch, snack, desert we eat a lot of yogurt at our house!! Recently I was contacted by the makers of Frush, Orgins Food Group that happens to be LOCAL, just right down the road in Statesville! I am all about eating local, spending my money locally and I was just tickled pink to be invited to taste and share frush  with my preschool peeps!! I thought it would be a fun treat for the parents and the kids to get to try FRUSH last Friday morning!

 We have about 65 families and I think all but a handful tasted it, kids included! Everyone loved it! I was trying to do a contest with the pre-k letting them vote for their favorite flavor!! Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach and Strawberry/Banana were in fact all delish and the kids couldn’t agree on just one!! I personally am in love with the peach. I can’t wait to share with you my newest cupcake recipe featuring frush!  
Tasting table at preschool

Frush describes themselves as “real fruit and yogurt blended together with healthy extras like probiotics and calcium to create one delicious, grab-n-go super-drink. früsh gives you the chance to live your life a little healthier, without having to rearrange your world to do it. And that feels good. That’s why früsh is more than just a shake, it’s a way of life: yours.”

We all loved the fact that frush is a good for you, chopped full of good healthy ingredients, extra calcium, only 200 calories with 9 grams of protein,  great flavor, yummy goodness!!

Check out and ” LIKE” the frush facebook page!!

good to the last drop!!
The opinions at soley mine; I received no compensation other than complimentary product to sample.   

Caruso’s Fine Dining {review}

Caruso’s Fine Dining in Mooresville, NC is FANTAB!!! Big J and Ka-Ka took Hubs and I out for an amazing diner last night to celebrate Hubs new job { he’s been there like 6 mos now, but hey! we are all busy} Caruso’s was so worth the wait!

I was a bit shocked when we pulled up to a strip mall, but boy was I surprised when we walked in to see chandeliers, white linens, beautiful rugs, a great looking bar and wait staff that knows the ins and outs of every dish!

I started off with a wedge salad (if you know me you know I love wedge!) fresh gorgonzola, crisp lettuce great! Dad had the Arugula Salad, if you LOVE pepper you will love this. The Lemon olive oil dressing was delicate and pungent at the same time. I loved it!

For my entrée Ka Ka and I split the Chilean Sea Bass, polenta encrusted with a lemon caper berry sauce. It was so moist, cooked to perfection I could have licked the plate clean. Hands down best fish I have had in ages!

Hubs had the pork chop special, a pounded bone in shop that was crusted and had that yummy peppery Arugula Salad on top. Dad had a Grouper special that was in a tomato broth with capers and black olives. It had a twist that was excellent and screamed fresh, healthy lovely!

For desert we shared the Crème Brule is was perfect in every way!

Caruso’s was perfect they have a great wine list and I loved everything about my meal {and everyone else’s} Mama Bird would highly recommend to anyone in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area.

Fingerprints….. everywhere!

Oh my goodness, if your house is anything like mine, you have fingerprints everywhere! On the mirrors, windows, doors, coffee pot, refrigerator, I could go on and on. The other day I was so excited to find a package on my front stoop from the good people at Stanley Home Products. They must know how OCD I am and they  sent me a bottle of their new Grim Guard Foaming (I love foam!) Glass Cleaner.

This stuff ROCKS!!!


I have tried everything, and I do mean everything on my fridge (stainless steal) and this works better than anything I have tried! I LOVED the foam so much that I cleaned the front of every picture, every piece of glass in the entire house! It doesn’t drip, it smells good and works great!! YOU MUST TRY IT!!! You can shop online HERE!!

I didn’t receive any compensation for this review other than a complimentary bottle from Stanley Home Products to try!!  THANKS Stanley!!

Mama Bird

Ocean Isle

 Ocean Isle is my favorite beach in the whole world! It is 7 miles long and a couple of miles wide and is just the most family friendly,lovely beach ever!! We stay in a house on the canal. All of our friends and all the kids love staying on the canal. It is like staying on a lake and being at the beach! You can crab and float and just have a great time.

 Jack loves to crab and fish!
 Sunset Slush is a highlight of Ocean Isle! And this is our buddy, he has been pushing that cart up and down the beach since forthe past 7 years! He is a senior this year at UNC Wilmington and we hope he will make it back to the beach at least one more summer!! Jack LOVES him and bless he ALWAYS remembers Jack and his friends!

Today I am sharing my favorite eats of the Beach. Most of these are local OIB spots, a few a just up or down the beach. Within a hour and obviously worth the trip if I am including them!!

Sugar Shack delish, fantab, yum-o Jamaican food. One of a kind restaurant. Don’t miss it!! Mom had the ribs, Hubs had wings, mini had a burger and I had fish. It was ALL so yummy. I would love to go in the kitchen and see how they prepare. It was all cooked perfect, the cole slaw was amazing as well and I don’t ever like slaw! 
910-579-3844 MAKE RESERVATION!!
Causeway Gourmet this is a great food! Gourmet to go- great pasta, salads, sammies. it’s fantab. Perfect for a great dinner in when you don’t want to cook!!

The Purple Onion (Shallotte) My fav breakfast spot. Omelets rock,fluffy pancakes. fresh fruit. fresh baked goods. The sammies are great too! FYI it takes a LONG time to get your food so don’t be in hurry! The food is worth the wait!! PROMISE!!

Twin Lakes (Sunset Beach) great seafood, great service, family friendly. everything everyone ordered was great. Hubs loved the stuffed flounder!
Going to OIB check out these spots or know some hidden gems I need to see? PLEASE SHARE!! I am going back in August and would love to try your favs!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Weekly Planning & Review

After a super fun night away in Blowing Rock, NC and a dinner at the much anticipated Bistro Roca. I have heard raves and raves about this place and was stocked to go, however, I can’t say that it is anywhere where I will have the desire to go back. I mean it was fine but it wasn’t special. The service was not good, the app, terrible, the highlight of my meal was the Wedge salad, great house made Blue Cheese, yummy. The pizza was good I had the Bistro Roca (manchego cheese, proscuitto, and carmelized onions. It was good, but not the oh my I gotta have it taste that everyone said. Maybe it was a bad night. Guess will see if I ever go back?

   I am trying to get back to reality and plan my week. When looking at my calendar it looks like it is going to be a busy one! Baby Shower cake for Friday, a Camo guitar Birthday cake for Saturday and a Firetruck Birthday cake for Sunday. Not to mention, Hubs is going hunting for the weekend. I am also planning on taking Jack to see Thomas the Train at the NC Transportation Museum. BUSY, BUSY, BEE!

On to the food! What will we be eating this week?

Monday~ Ranchero Pork Tacos {Crockpot}

Tuesday~ Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Wednesday~ Boy’s Leftovers Night{Halloween Party planning Meeting}

Thursday~ Stuffed Shells

Friday~ BBQ {take-out from Paw-Paw’s favorite!!

xoxo, Mama Bird