2013 the year of transformation



My oldest and first friend of mine, Denise, of Wellness Charlottesville and The Dee Dee Stewart Project has agreed to take me on as her most challenging ( I am only assuming,since she knows me personally) client yet. You see Dee does not just tell you how and what to eat. She works on the WHOLE you. We are going to the core the root of the problems. What causes my weight to yo-yo so and how am I going to end this cycle for good? Dee is going to me my guide through what is for some odd reason a really scary transformation. I have always found a way to lose weight, look and fel great and yet the little demon in the shadows always comes back. Bastard.  

I EAT to celebrate, I eat when I morn. Eat mostly to fill a void a void that was created way, way back when and I know why I know how it works. Sometimes I mange it well. Sometimes not at all. So 2013 is going to be the year. The year that I break the cycle the year that I just throw it all out there, accept life for what it is, what it can be and what I can do about it. It is the year about me. I am going to be 40 in 3 months. How did I get here? How shall I proceed?

I am going to Succeed. I will be “meeting” with Coach Dee weekly and will be doing all sorts of challenges getting my entire life in order, lots of things to sort through. De cluttering, removing all the cob webs.

I will be sharing it ALL here, the good, the bad the ugly the TRUTH about what I am doing and what I ate.


I am ready to change,

I am ready to be the best me that there is to be.

xoxo, Mama Bird

Mama Bird was featured!!

As you all or most of you know by now I am all about trying to be GREEN, ORGANIC, healthy lifestyle at home that translates into all I do. Be it up-cycling décor or craft projects or baking my yummy cupcakes with local eggs and butter and fresh IN SEASON produce; ingredients you can pronounce, butter, eggs, flour, you get my drift!!

A dear friend from college and old roomie, Vanessa is the GREEN GODDESS! She has started her own blog The Southern Greenie (isn’t that the cutest name?!) PLEASE pop over and welcome her to the blogging world. I promise she will not disappoint!! She has the inside dish on EVERYTHING from clothing to food to skin products she know who is who and who is really GREEN!!

xoxo, Mama Bird

Reading for 2010

One of my GOALS for 2010 is to read more. I have started The Help by Katherine Stockett and it is great. I had 3 people tell me how wonderful it was and I am happy to report that they were right! Her character profiles are so well written that I feel like I know Minny, Abileen and Skeeter personally. The book takes place in the 60’s in Mississippi during a very critical time for race relations and brings these women together for a purpose, To tell their story. Love it!

Reading List for 2010:
I am going with a SOUTHERN THEME for my pleasure reading because, well I love the South and I love all things Southern.
Walking Across Egypt Clyde Edgerton
Before Women Had Wings Connie May Fowler
Bastard Out of Carolina Dorthy Allison
South of Broad Pat Conroy
*The Glass Castle Jeanette Wells AMAZING!! {AMAZING!}
The Ominvores Delimma Michael Pollen Watched the documentry FOOD INC. wow!
*Parenting by the Book John Roseman (love this man!) {great}
Bringing up Geeks Marybeth Hicks
Babywise  Gary Esso {best book ever on how to raise a baby}
South of Broad Pat Conroy (starting now)

And I/we read to Mr. Jack every night. I think I will share those as well. With a 2 almost and 1/2 year old we get stuck on certain books that are his favs.  Here is this weeks!

I will keep you updated on what I am reading and what I think about it!
Here’s to 2010 and reading more!!