Sursy Event Planning & Design


Our goal is to let the bride be the bride on her wedding day!


We believe that you should enjoy your wedding day just as your guest, without all the stresses of setting up decorations, confirming vendors,

or taking care of minor emergencies throughout the day.

We allow peace of mind so you can focus on what’s really important: your family, friends & your day!!


We will create an event that matches your taste, budget, and personality by working with you and your vision to orchestrate an amazing day 

 We enjoy helping plan your event either partially or completely.


Why you need me?

We ensure your bridesmaids aren’t setting out favors before they walk down the aisle and your mother isn’t telling the DJ when to play the first dance song.  

Plus we’re always on hand in case your maid of honor runs her hose, your gown bustle rips out, or the limo doesn’t show.

Whether you need us to plan the whole wedding or just to give pointers during your engagement,

we’re here to help you maintain sanity while planning a beautiful event.

Emergencies don’t have to stress you out – that’s what we’re there for!


Weekend of Coordination: This package is designed for brides who adore PINTREST as much as I do!!  You have all the ideas and simply need someone to carry out the logistics of your wedding weekend.


Vendor Confirmation:  (2 weeks prior to weddingand again week of)Let’s face it – the last few weeks before your wedding will be hectic enough without having to double-check your vendors, confirm timeline and payment of all vendors.

Rehearsal  & Wedding Direction:  Let us help line up your wedding party and show them how it’s done! We also direct ushers and cue music for your processional and recessional. If your ceremony site does not provide this service.

Timeline: We will ensure your timeline will be followed; iincludes alerting your parents when it’s time for their special dances, steering you to the cake when it’s time to cut it, and alerting the catering staff to pour champagne just before the toasts. We keep things in order and moving so there’s never a dull moment on your wedding day!

Ceremony Set-up: We will be the first to arrive at your ceremony site to get everything ready for your day!

Reception Set-up:We will insure that the food, cake, beverages, flowers, favors,  people etc are all in the right place and that your vision is carried out!

Event Management: Our role the day of your wedding is to prevent & fix any problems that may arise during your event while maintaining a cool composure. This will allow you to enjoy quality time at your wedding reception.

Pack Presents: We ensure your gifts and cards make it into the appropriate car at the end of the evening. We also pack up extra favor and other personal belongings to send home. We’ll even put your overnight bags in the limousine before you depart so you can leave your reception knowing everything is taken care of.

Emergency Kit: We always travel with a pre-made ‘emergency kit’ which includes items like Shout Wipes, hairspray, safety pins, a sewing kit, scissors, Static Guard, deodorant, straws, Band-Aids, snacks, and many other things you may need on the wedding day.

Unlimited time on wedding day: We will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Unlimited correspondence: Of course you might need some help along the way! We are always available by phone or email to answer questions, calm nerves, and give advice.

Partial Planning:

This is designed for couples who have many vendors booked but still need some help before the big day.

Site recommendations: Not sure where you’d like to tie the knot or hold your reception? Know what style wedding you’d like, but need help finding the ideal location? Let us help you narrow down your choices so you may choose that perfect place.

Vendor referral service: Need help in finding a great DJ, florist, baker, caterer? Our extensive lists of wedding professionals in the Hickory area will certainly give you a great start. We can also recommend some of our personal favorites.

Site design:

We will visit your site (with you, if possible) and create a design to fit in with the feel of the event space and your wedding theme. We’ll keep track of where the gift table is to be set up, how your guests will flow through the space, what areas need to be decorated, and many other details. This ensures a tailored, well-coordinated style for your special day..

Etiquette advice: Don’t want children at your wedding? Can’t figure out how to address that invitation? We know that invitations, seating arrangements, and even thank-you notes can be tricky!  Let us give you some ideas on how to tactfully approach situations that arise during your wedding planning.

Regular progress meetings & unlimited correspondence:

Of course you’ll need some help along the way! We are always available by phone or email. Also, we like to meet with you a few times before the wedding to address concerns, track planning progress, catch up on the small details, and to really get a feel for your personal style.

As well as EVERYTHING included in the Day of Coordination

Full Planning: This package is designed for couples who are busy and do not have extra time to research and call several vendors or visit dozens of sites. We handle most of the coordination aspects to make your wedding planning as easy as possible!

Budget formulation & guidance: We will help you develop a realistic budget for your wedding and keep track of expenses.

Vendor coordination: We will gather proposals from at least two vendors in every category that fall within your budget. We always recommend professional vendors we have met or worked with. After you’ve picked your favorites, all you have to do is sign the contracts and mail in a check. We confirm their arrival and departure times before the wedding day. Leave the rest of the coordination to us! .

Presence at any wedding-related meetings: If you’d like, we’ll be happy to attend meetings with florists, reception sites, officiants, musicians, or even your dress fittings. We’ll take notes, ask questions, and provide expert opinions at the conclusion of each meeting.

Stationery: Allow us to recommend stationery companies that fall within your budget. We can also suggest ideas for unique ’save the date’ cards, menu cards, ceremony programs, place cards, and thank you notes.

Out of Town Guest Lodging Arrangements: Let us choose or recommend convenient lodging for your guests. We will arrange room blocks and rooming lists with the chosen hotel(s) and negotiate special rates.

Rehearsal Dinner Coordination: Maybe you want an intimate dinner in a quaint restaurant, or a large outdoor barbeque picnic with your family & close friends. Whatever your vision for the perfect rehearsal dinner, we’ll help you choose a location, assist in deciding on the menu, and work with the staff who will be serving your guests.

Seating Chart: Send us a list of your guests at least 48 hours before your wedding and we will create a beautiful large seating chart display to inform your guests where they will be sitting during the reception. This is an alternative to place cards.

Regular progress meetings & unlimited correspondence:

Of course you’ll need some help along the way! We are always available by phone or email. Also, we like to meet with you a few times before the wedding to address concerns, track planning progress, catch up on the small details, and to really get a feel for your personal style. This can be done over lunch, coffee, dinner, or at any location you choose. We are flexible and love to do this!

As well as EVERYTHING in the Partial & Day of Coordination

We look forward to being an integral part of your wedding. We can help a little or a lot based on your own personal needs. Please call or email to set up a consultation to see how Mama Bird Nest can assist you in your planning needs.


Kathryn Geitner


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